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Carnival Skyblock Update

We are thrilled to announce we’re quickly approaching the release of our Carnival Skyblock update! As we’re getting into these Summer months, we wanted to make sure we have lots of content for you all to explore. For that reason, this reset will feature tons of new features, top island PayPal and Buycraft rewards, and a completely custom...


Hi yall! We're gonna be hosting OPBlock's first-ever story competition on Sunday, June 7th at 7PM EST. The stories must be 'campfire' style, this means they should be relatively short (around 5-10 minutes long when spoken) and should be funny or s̸͈̮̱̤͓̎͂͝ͅp̷͚̝̦̈́̌͝o̸̧̗̟̼̞̪̐̋̌̚͝o̸̢͆́̍k̷̛͙͙̲̘̱̙̓̓͘y̷͖̩̍̉. In the meanwhile, please submit ONE story using the form at the end of the post. (If you submit more than one story, we will take the first one as your submission)...

The Return of the Boat

The Mysterious Boat has docked once again on Lollipop in spawn. Another challenge awaits those who dare attempt it. The captain has informed me that this challenge is exceptionally difficult but it is rumored that a great treasure awaits those who complete it.​

The sign on the boat will teleport you to a cavernous area where you must successfully navigate a maze. Following the completion of this maze, you will have the choice to move onto the first floor of the parkour challenge...

Urbanajlucas | Josh

Hello folks!

I am happy to announce that OPBlocks will be hosting our 2nd Ever Official Kahoot Game on Saturday, May 16th at 6:00 PM EST. The theme of this Kahoot is Greek Mythology. Any and all questions relating to Greek Mythology are fair game.


The Kahoot event will be hosted live. Ten minutes before the start of the event, ChrisClassics will open the “Kahoot (5/16) @6 PM EST” discord voice channel. There will be multiple people streaming the Kahoot...

Forums Scavenger Hunt

Greetings forum users!

Starting right now we will be hosting our first ever FORUMS SCAVENGER HUNT!

All around the forums-land, I have edited some posts at the bottom and added little clues to the next post you should find!

Here’s an example!

“Lollipop + ___ = Prison!”

After reading that you may think that Caramel is the missing piece and so you venture off to the Caramel release post and check that for clues. And huzzah, you would've found one! After that you would...

OPBlocks Comedy Competition

Calling all OPBlocks jokesters! We will be hosting a Comedy Night on Saturday, May 2nd at 7PM EST. Between now and the start of the event, please submit ONE joke using the form found at the bottom of this post! This event will be hosted by Fugitive and various other staff members. During the event, you will have the chance to tell your own joke and hear jokes other players have submitted. You can also choose to have Fugitive tell everyone your joke if you want in his...


Hey everyone!

We’re going to be holding our very first Sumo Tournament event! This event will allow OPBlocks players to 1v1 each other with our Sumo feature and advance in a bracket system (similar to this https://imgur.com/a/VwhPCIH)! This event will start accepting entries right now and will begin on April 26.

What is Sumo?!?!

Sumo is an event where we have a small platform and 2 players on either side. When the players are released from their stationary...

Candy Build Competition

Hey everyone!

I am very glad to be announcing that OPBlocks will be hosting a brand new build competition!

This competition will run from right now until 4PM EST on Friday, May 1st.

The way this event will run is quite simple. Across both Lollipop and Caramel, anybody can build on their plot relating to the given theme: Candy! In addition to the general theme of Candy, you must also enter within a certain size category. We will be having both Large and...

Urbanajlucas | Josh

Heya folks!

Happy Spring! We hope everyone is enjoying the Caramel update as much as we are! Although, our favorite OPBlocks bunny - Candy Cornelius - has been enjoying the update a bit too much. While he was hopping around exploring OPBlocks, this cuddly bunny lost a bunch of colorful eggs across Lollipop & Caramel! And to make matters worse, Candy Cornelius hurt his foot after losing to @Saito in PvP and is stuck at Caramel's spawn!

OPBlocks, We need your help finding...

OPBlocks Discord Kahoot

Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that OPBlocks will be hosting it's first ever official Kahoot Game on Thursday, April 9th at 8:00 PM EST. The theme of the Kahoot is OPBlocks Trivia. Any and all questions relating to OPBlocks are fair game.

The way this event will be hosted
This Kahoot event will be hosted live. Ten minutes before the start of the event, ChrisClassics will open the “Kahoot (4/9) @8 PM EST” discord voice channel. ChrisClassics will be streaming the Kahoot...

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