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Announcement Forums Scavenger Hunt


big cat manager
Greetings forum users!

Starting right now we will be hosting our first ever FORUMS SCAVENGER HUNT!

All around the forums-land, I have edited some posts at the bottom and added little clues to the next post you should find!

Here’s an example!

“Lollipop + ___ = Prison!”

After reading that you may think that Caramel is the missing piece and so you venture off to the Caramel release post and check that for clues. And huzzah, you would've found one! After that you would continue following clues until the end!

After finding a clue, take a screenshot and create an IMGUR album. Once you have found every clue, submit the IMGUR album on this form found here!

The first 3 people to correctly find all the clues will receive a prize!

1st - 3 Jumbo Keys
2nd - 2 Jumbo Keys
3rd - 1 Jumbo Key

As well as that everyone who correctly finishes will also receive 2 Epic box keys!

Any player that is found sharing their images or cheating in any way will be disqualified from the event as well as blacklisted from participating in all future OPB events, including in game.

Here’s the first clue! There are 9 clues total!

Don’t forget to be a brainwiz, better check out our Discord quiz!