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Announcement OPBlocks Discord Kahoot

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Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that OPBlocks will be hosting it's first ever official Kahoot Game on Thursday, April 9th at 8:00 PM EST. The theme of the Kahoot is OPBlocks Trivia. Any and all questions relating to OPBlocks are fair game.

The way this event will be hosted
This Kahoot event will be hosted live. Ten minutes before the start of the event, ChrisClassics will open the “Kahoot (4/9) @8 PM EST” discord voice channel. ChrisClassics will be streaming the Kahoot Game to the voice channel. To join the stream, click on ChrisClassics in the voice channel and click “Join Stream.” Your nickname must be your Minecraft IGN as to prevent multiple players claiming they came in first place. The game will start exactly at 8:00 PM EST. Any player who is late will be able to join the game late, but you will be unable to answer as many questions as the other players.

Some important rules and notes
  • Your nickname must be your Minecraft IGN as to prevent multiple players claiming they came in first place.
  • Any player who wins and does not have their Kahoot name as their Minecraft IGN automatically forfeits their prize.
  • All Discord rules still apply in the “Kahoot (4/9) @8 PM EST” channel.
  • The Discord Channel room will open up 10 minutes before 8 PM EST, but the game code will not be released until 7:58 PM EST
First Place: One (1) Servant Key
Second Place: Two (2) Jumbo Keys
Third Place: One (1) Jumbo Key

For those of you unfamiliar with Kahoot
  1. Go to kahoot.it and enter the “Game PIN” displayed on the stream. We suggest doing this on your phone or a device where you are still able to view the discord stream.
  2. Enter your Minecraft IGN as your nickname.
  3. Wait until ChrisClassics starts the game at 8:00 PM EST.
  4. Questions will appear on the stream. A few seconds later, answers will appear in colored rectangles. On your device, click the colored rectangle that corresponds to the answer on the stream.
Can't wait to play this with all of you! Come and enjoy the Kahoot on our Discord: COUNTDOWN

It's always good to know commonsense, especially regarding the tier and offense.
Not open for further replies.