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Event Infiltration Event


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Hey OPBlockers! Here is an introduction to the infiltration event that will be taking place on Sunday, November 15, 1PM EST!

How to Play

This is a murder mystery type event where there are murderers and detectives. However, instead of gold, players complete "tasks" in order to receive bows, arrows, and potion effects. The imposter will be finding and killing players while players with a bow or the detective will be trying to kill the imposter. Unlike murder mystery, bows WILL NOT drop.


The imposter is trying to kill all the players without being killed. They will have access to the vents to travel around without being seen. The imposter can also do /warp sabotage to sabotage the ship. There are 4 types of sabotages: Oxygen, reactor, lights, and doors. The tasks to fix oxygen have a blue glass pane and is located in admin and O2. The task to fix reactor is purple and is located in reactor. The task to fix lights is in electrical with a yellow pane. The imposter can only use one sabotage every 30 seconds, so they'll have to play it smart. Furthermore, imposters take damage every time they decide to sabotage a task, so they will have to heal before sabotaging again.


The detective is trying to kill the imposter(s) to protect the innocent players. However, the detective WILL NOT know if they killed an innocent, so they will have to play it smart.


Tasks will be giving players a bow, arrows, or potion effects. To get a bow, players will need to complete the medbay task (shown in the map below) which takes a minute long and has a minute cooldown. Other tasks either give arrows or potion effects.

Win Conditions

Imposter - Kill all other players or have a sabotage not deactivate.
Innocents/Detective - Kill the imposter or survive for 15 minutes.
When the game ends, the winning team will be announced.


No Hacking
No Exploiting
Breaking any rules will result in a permanent ban. Other rules not listed are implied and are up to a staff's discretion.


Imposter Winner Prize: 2x Jumbo/Fantasy Box Keys
Detective Winner Prize: 2x Jumbo/Fantasy Box Keys

We hope to see every one of you at our new event. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. May the odds be ever in your favor.​