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Hey everyone! On behalf of the OPB Team we are excited to release the newest version of Candycorn Prison! This game changing update will introduce you to the brand new version of Prisons! Touching almost every aspect of the game, this update is one of our biggest yet! We would like to thank you, the community, for giving us these wonderful ideas to work with, remember we are always open to your ideas!

I'd also like to announce, we have TWO YouTubers joining us this season!
RKY and AtlanticCraft!

Now... lets get to the brand new features!

NOTE: There are previews throughout the thread, they are yellow and are links - click on them!
EXTRA NOTE: All values shown in previews are subject to change!


Personal Pickaxes

Personal Pickaxes are our brand new revamped way to upgrade your pickaxe, we thought it was tedious to spend all your etokens on a pickaxe, only to just throw it away for a new one a few days later. Now with this brand new update, all of your enchants will be on one pickaxe and bound to your user, so you won't lose it either!

You can find everything related to your pickaxe by opening up the GUI by Right Clicking with your pickaxe in hand.
It contains the new features and some shortcuts to other features (/enchant, /backpack, etc)!

Personal Pickaxe GUI Preview

Pickaxe Prestiging

Prestiging your pickaxe unlocks the brand new Pickaxe Special Abilities, brand new Enchant Limits and brand new Ability Crystal slots! Special Abilities and Ability Crystals are explained in the sections below.

However, prestiging your pickaxe is not free or easy! It requires an abundance of tasks, such as: All enchants maxed, # total blocks mined, # prestige, and our brand new item prestige crystals! Prestige Crystals cost 25 Prestige Crystal Shards and shards are obtainable from crates, mining, minecrates, daily spins, and mob grinding. The only way to obtain the full Prestige Crystal is from the Super Item Crate.

Pickaxe Prestige Crystals

Special Abilities

After prestiging your pickaxe, you are now able to play with these brand new abilities! These are quite simple, the higher your pickaxe prestige, the more abilities you can pick! There are five abilities, respective to the five pickaxe prestiges.

Activating an ability is quite simple, all you have to do is Shift + Right Click with your pickaxe in hand.
You are able to change abilities once per day. There are limits for each ability (daily use + weekly use).

Pickaxe Abilities Preview
An example of the "Instant Nuke" ability (available at pickaxe prestige 5) + shows off new nuke reward summary (look at the chat)

Ability Crystals

On top of the new Special Abilities, we are also adding brand new crystals to the game!
These crystals will give a buff and a debuff, allowing you to specialize what your playstyle is!
They are obtainable from the blackmarket dealer, minecrates, and the super items crate.

Heres the catch, you aren't able to pick what buffs/debuffs you get - you get an item called an "Ability Crystal Box" and you Shift + Right Click while holding it to open it!

To apply the Ability Crystal, simply right click it in your hand!
You can see your ability crystals in your Pickaxe GUI, reference the GUI Preview above.

Pickaxe Ability Crystals Preview


Personal Mines + Mines Revamp

We have completely revamped personal mines and the entire mine system! A-Z Mines have been completely wiped from the game, but Donor Mines are still in the game as an extra benefit to our donators.

PMines are now obtainable from the start of the game and are made to be your main mining area for your whole prison career.

With brand new upgrades and a new sleek GUI, this PMine system is decades ahead of the last! This GUI is accessible using the same command as the last PMine feature, /pmine

PMine GUI Preview


Quality: Increases the amount of money you get
Speed: Decreases the time to reset your PMine
Lucky Blocks: Increases Lucky Block spawn chance
Critter Booster: Increases the xp gain of your active critters
Minecrates: Ties in with the new minecrates, increases minecrate chance
Candy Magnet: Ties in with new jelly beans candy, increases jelly bean chance

Managing Visitors

Managing Visitors is pretty similar to the old PMine feature, but it has a lot more features and an easy to use system + GUI
Like last time, you can block players, make your PMine public, change your tax, and much more!


Design: With five different designs to pick from, choose the one you like best (5m cooldown)
Content: You now have even more options to choose what block fills your PMine
Border Color: You are able to change the color of the border to Red, Green, or Blue
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Prestige + Prestige Enchants Revamp

We have heard your requests to add more prestiges and we have listened! There are now a total of 100 prestiges for you to work towards!

With that update, we also decided to revamp Prestige Enchants.
Prestige Enchants are now bound to the player, rather than the pickaxe. Think of it as permanent player upgrades!
You can now reset your prestige enchants and get your prestige tokens back (1 week cooldown)!

All prestige enchants cost 1 prestige token per and every prestige you gain 1 prestige token, pretty simple right?
There are now even more enchants, separated into three sections: Mining, Mob Grinding, & Universal.
There's a few too many to list, so I'll let the preview do it instead!

Prestige Shop Preview


Minecrates Revamp

We wanted to touch on this ancient feature and modernize it, adding a brand new claiming system and fixing the many bugs with it, we introduce you to the brand new Minecrates!

There are now three rarities of Minecrates: Common, Rare, and Legendary.
When a Minecrate appears, only you will be able to claim it and you will have 30 seconds to do so. Claiming it will bring up a GUI where you will be able to pick the reward you want! You can only choose one reward from the GUI!

Minecrates Preview


Daily Spinner

Similar to the luck spinner on Skyblock, this brand new spinner with a beautiful animation will reward you with great prizes.
Accessible using the command /opspinner (or /opspin) you can bring up the spinner GUI.
As said in the name, you get a free spinner daily and can get extra spins by opening crates!

Spinner Preview
cool animation :D


Candy Vault + Jelly Beans

Factories themselves haven't changed that much, but we have added a brand new candy - jelly beans!
Jelly Beans will be obtained by mining and will go in your /candyvault (/cv)!

There are three different tiers: Refined, Tasty, Delicious
Jelly Beans will be automatically refined into candy, the better the tier of the jelly bean the better candy it makes.

Candy Vault + Jelly Beans Preview


Other Changes

Important Changes

Features Carried Over: All features from Milkyway carried over + Features from Skyblock (that apply to prison: ex. toggling join messages) carried over
• Daily Missions: Due to popular demand, if you have been stuck on a daily mission for 48 hours or more you will have the option to skip it
• Beacon Generators: Beacon Generators have been added, identical to MobCoin & Spawner Generators on Skyblock, obtainable from crates
• Revamped SuperItem Crate: Due to Personal Pickaxes, the SuperItem Crate has been revamped into the brand new UltimateCrate - this new crate has tons of OP Items that will help you in your Prison journey!
• Shout: You can now broadcast a message across the server with /shout! This perk is obtainable through crates*

QOL (Quality of Life) Changes

• Enchant Messages: Revamped how enchant messages work, they are now sent to your actionbar and ALL messages are togglable via /settings -> Enchant Messages or just /enchantmessages
• Enchant Toggle: You are now able to toggle the following enchants using /settings: Explosive, Jackhammer, and Drill
• Chatgame Additions: Added more words to chatgames
• Nuke Summary: Added a summary chat message about nuke rewards
• Warps GUI Improvement: Fixed old warps and added new relevant ones
• PVP Holo Improvement: The hologram before the pvp dropdown now shows more information on all PVP Events
• Announcer Additions: The Announcer now has more messages and fixed some typos
• Perk Notes: If you already have the perk, you can no longer accidentally claim it*
• Outpost Capturing: We have moved the outpost capturing message to the actionbar*
• Servant Noises: Turned off those pesky servant zombie noises*
View Players in Underworld: You can now see the number of players in the underworld using the GUI*
Item Pickup Priority: If autosell is turned off, items now go into your backpack before your inventory*
Fixed Bugs: Too many to list!

changes marked with * at the end indicates that change was a player suggestion
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