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Hey everyone, we are extremely excited to announce that our blast from the past Skyblock will be releasing @ Wednesday 2PM EST! As always, we have thrown tons of hours of brainstorming and development work into this update and hope you all enjoy it! If you have any ideas or suggestions for upcoming seasons, make a suggestion in the Discord!


Now... let's get to the brand new features!


Island QOL

This update makes our Island system mostly GUI-based and a lot more user-friendly!

The command /island now brings up a GUI with contains all the Island information and commands you need!

Although though this update is mostly QOL, there are a few new island features:
Customization: Customization options have been added: Weather, Biome, Time, Border, etc.
Island Warps: New system that allows players to place warps around their Island to easily teleport to
Individual Island Breakdown: Instead of only being able to see the Top Islands breakdown, you can now see your own even if you're not a top island


Mining World

Mining World is a brand new feature that includes a separate world and inventory from the main world, and is focused around... Mining! This update includes three new worlds each with there separate mobs, mines, quests, and much more!

Killing mobs in the overworld will grant you a pass to travel to one of these worlds, but beware, you only have a limited time to be there! To progress to another world, you must complete all the quests in the world prior to it!

To get yourself that extra boost, you can spend your MobCoins at the Booster Shop, which is found at the beginning of each world! However, take caution that your inventory resets each time so don't overbuy on one trip!

There will be dangerous paths and mobs you have to get through, and whether or not you want to go through them you must do it in order to sell your items to the Merchant!

You can access the main GUI of this feature by using /miningworld OR /mw!



We felt farming was quite bland, so we decided to make it spicy! This feature revolves around grinding and upgrading items by farming crops. This feature includes new armor sets, farming tools, custom enchants, and a custom crop system!

We decided to add something we have not done before, custom crafting! To upgrade the said items, you will be able to craft them with a custom recipe!


Wave Defense

Introducing the Dungeons (kind of) of Skyblock! We didn't want to just move Dungeons over, as it would be boring to play it all over again, so we made another minigame!

Wave Defense is our take on the common defense game against oncoming waves of mobs! This game includes guns, perks, a custom reviving system, + so much more!

Play with your friends or yourself by using the command /wavedefense!

After you lose or win, you will be able to redeem credits for ingame items that benefit your Skyblock player/island!


Other Changes

Features Moved Over: All features from Milkyway that can apply to Skyblock have been moved over
COOP Removed: The /is coop feature has been removed
Servants: You can now apply an AutoSell chest to your Servant to automatically sell items to your island bank & the layout system has been removed
Challenges: All Challenges have been revamped to better fit the environment of the server
Bosses: Bosses have been moved over with attributes adapted to Skyblock enchants & BossArmor has also been adapted
Shop Additions: More items have been added to the Shop to help with building and other tasks
Economy Changes: Multiple changes towards bettering the economy has been made
Fixed Bugs: Too many to list!​
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