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Hey everyone, we are excited to announce our brand new Milkway Release! This content-packed update brings many new features to the table but most importantly brings balancing to different aspects of the game and past features. We hope you all enjoy this update, countless hours by developers and admins have been put into this update, and remember we want your ideas! Most of these features are from suggestions from the community.

Now... let's get to the brand new features!

NOTE: Make sure to check out the #sneak-peeks channel on Discord, it has some pictures of the features!


Boss Revamp

Bosses have been a bit outdated yet they are one of the most important features! This new update changes the core feature, changes bosses, adds boss armor, and so much more!

Everything related to bosses will be in the Main GUI, viewable with /boss
This also includes an extensive Boss Guide, which covers everything said in here + much more
I highly recommend checking it out as there are too many fine details to talk about in this post!

New Bosses

There are two types of Bosses: Normal and PvP! Normal Bosses spawn in their respective Arena while PvP Bosses spawn in the PvP Boss Arena.

There are six different bosses: Titan, Fuze, Shadow, Slimy Soldier, Wicked Witch, & Wither Warrior
There are four different Arenas: Overworld (Titan), Nether (Fuze), End (Shadow), & PvP (Soldier, Witch, & Wither)
You can teleport to all arenas using /boss and clicking on the arena you want to teleport to!

There are far too many details to talk about each Boss, so check out the Boss Guide with /boss OR /boss guide and check the Bosses profiles!

Revamped Fragments

Fragments will be obtained the same way, but instead of showing up as the Boss Fragment, it will now show up as Unidentified and will require you to right-click to identify it, and then once you have 3 of the same Boss you can merge them into a Boss Egg!
The rarer the Boss, the less likely the unidentified fragment will turn into that Boss!

Boss Pouches

Boss Pouches are the brand new reward system for Bosses! These Pouches give ETokens, Beacons, Keys and so much more!
You will gain Boss Tokens directly after the fight and not from the Boss Pouch if you do at least 2000 damage.

There are four different rarities of Boss Pouches: Common, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical!
Some Bosses only reward certain types, so as always, read the Boss Guide (/boss OR /boss guide) to see the Boss specific rewards!

These pouches give a cool animation (which you can skip if you want) and are a refreshing update to rewards.

Boss Armor

Meet Boss Armor, Mob Armors closely related sibling! However, unlike Mob Armor, Boss Armor focuses on passive boosts on different aspects of the game rather than PvP only. These sets are strictly obtained from Normal Bosses and not PvP Bosses.

There are three different sets:
Titan Boss Armor: Focused on PvP and obtained from the Titan Boss
Fuze Boss Armor: Focused on Mob Grinding and obtained from the Fuze Boss
Shadow Boss Armor: Focused on Mining and obtained from the Shadow Boss

These sets are obtained and upgradable with Boss Armor Fragments, which have a chance to drop if you do above 1000 damage to a boss!

Each piece of the set will give you a passive boost, and there is a set ability that will give you a temporary boost for a designated amount of time. Upgrading is per piece, so make sure to upgrade the boost you want the most! Set Abilities are upgraded based on the level the pieces are.

I'd like to note, these are extremely rare and meant to be "endgame" armor!

Boss Armor is obtained and can be previewed with /boss OR /boss armor


Meteor Revamp

Meteors were a bit bland, so we decided to provide a fresh face for them! There are now multiple types, different landing times, different rewards, different designs, and so much more!

There are 3 types of Meteors and each type is explained in-depth below:


The rarest and rewarding Meteor; Tempest Meteors are made to be quick and unpredictable!
This Meteor lands instantly and strikes you with lightning if you go near it!


The somewhat rare and rewarding Meteor; Tempest Meteors are made to be annoying and defensive!
This Meteor lands fast (30s) and burns you if you go near it!


The least rare and rewarding Meteor; Shadow Meteors are made to be deceiving and devious!
This Meteor lands slowly (60s) and blinds you if you mine it!


Spawner Revamp

Spawners were a bit OP in the last Prison release, so we decided to revamp the whole feature!
This revamp includes fuels, a different way of obtaining them, & upgrading!

Obtaining & Upgrading

Obtaining Spawners is a bit different now, the leveling ladder has been removed and you can now buy spawners with gTokens in the /spawners shop!

There is now only one spawner and you can change which mob it spawns by selecting it in the Spawner Menu, which can be opened by right-clicking the spawner.

You can upgrade the amount of mobs it spawns and the speed it spawns them with XP, which also means you can no longer stack spawners.


For the spawner to actually work, it now requires fuel! There are tons of different fuels, some powering the spawner and providing a boost! Basic fuels can be obtained via the new /spawners shop and more advanced fuels can be obtained from Dungeons!


Servant Accessories

You can now apply accessories to Servants that will give boosts to the Servant!
Servants can only have one accessory equipped at a time and accessories are temporary, not permanent!
There are tons of Accessories to obtain and equip, which all give a unique boost!

An example of an Accessory is a Super Nuke, which has a chance to multiply rewards 150x by mining one block!
This accessory has an expiration of 3 hours.

This update also includes cleaning up the Servant Menu to make it look prettier



Accessories are a brand new way to get that extra buff you need! These items give you an effect based on the type of Accessories you have!

There are 4 different types of Accessories: Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, & Crown
There are 3 different rarities: Common, Rare, & Legendary
There is a handful of buffs you can obtain, some based on Tokens, Money, etc.

When you obtain an Accessory from either Mining, Mob Grinding, or Crates they appear as Unidentified at first; to identify them shift + right-click while holding it.

Equip these Accessories by using the command /accessories (/acc for short) and placing the Accessory in its respective slot.
You can only have 1 active accessory per type! Choose wisely!


PvP Clusters

PvP Clusters are a brand new mining based PvP Event! One cluster will spawn every 3 hours in the PvP Arena and reward you with Cluster Tokens which can be used in the brand new Traveling Merchant!

Not all clusters are the same, all clusters will have a unique variety of ores in them!
Not all ores are the same either, the better the ore the longer it takes to mine, but they have a higher chance to give a Cluster Token!
View your Cluster Tokens with /clustertokens


last, but not least!

Dungeons will be a new feature that players can enjoy! Dungeons are completely PVE based and can earn you many rewards for the main game. Some of the items you can obtain from dungeons are cosmetics, keys, servant accessories, player accessories, spawner fuel, and gang score! Dungeons will be completely replacing underworld in terms of gang score and the amount of score you can earn per day depends on the floor your on. For floors 1-3, players can earn 100 gang score total. For floors 4-6, players can earn an additional 200 score total. For floors 7-10, players can earn an additional 300 score. For additional help, players can check the /dungeons help command in-game which details how dungeons work.


Souls are the "lives" of dungeons. Each player has 10 souls and if all 10 souls are lost, the player cannot enter dungeons until their souls replenish. Souls regenerate once every 30 minutes, which means you must keep your souls safe!


Coins can be earned by killing mobs and completing quests. These coins can be spent on identifying, reforging, and buying items from the shop.


Unidentified items can be found from crates, killing mobs, and mining. These items can be identified through the item identifier and will give you dungeon gear.


You can bring your armor or weapons to a reforger who can boost your item stats. You can reforge as many times as you'd like and roll for the best stats possible!


To level up your floor, you have to complete all the quests specific to that floor first! The NPC to see these quests can be found at the beginning of all Dungeon floors.


Pets can be bought from the traveling merchant who appears on a random floor once every couple of hours. These pets give special boosts and can be leveled up to 100. There are four tiers of pets players can earn and each tier is stronger than the last


Each hour, a boss spawns on a random unspecified floor of dungeons. Upon killing the boss, players earn dungeon items, coins, and other items to help boost their progress. The floors these bosses spawn on are not specified, so make sure you search through all the floors to find these bosses!


Other Changes

I recommend reading these, some are game-changing
Important Changes

Features Moved Over: All features from Candycorn have been moved over
Crates Revamp: Crates have been completely recoded and revamped with new animations & SUPPORT FOR OPENING MULTIPLE KEYS AT ONCE!!!
• Gang Permissions:
You can now customize Gang Permissions for each rank using /g perms
PMine Visiting Requirement: Visiting PMines now have a prestige requirement, based on "PMine Quality + 20"
Kill Animations: Kill Animations have been added, use /killanimations to view them!
Donator Kit Crystals: Donator Kit Crystals are no longer tradable
Underworld: Underworld has been removed

QOL (Quality of Life) Changes

Gangchat Color: You can change your Gangchat color with /gangchat color <colorcodes>
Shop: You can now buy multiple stacks of an item from the shop + more items have been added
Sword Kills: Swords now have a statistic for Player and Mob kills
Outpost Notifications: More Outpost Notifications have been added to indicate the status of Outpost
EToken Summary: ETokens obtained from the Turtle Pet have been added to the summary
Enchantremove: Enchantremove now takes an extra argument to specify the amount to remove
Pick Slot: You can now change the slot your Personal Pickaxe is in using /pick setslot
Togglable Enchants: You can now toggle the Laser and Speed enchants in /settings
Fixed Bugs: Too many to list!​
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