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  1. Definitely not Shadow

    Important [OFFICIAL] Admin AMA

    @BigCDG I want, to see, your F A C E
  2. Definitely not Shadow

    QOTW (Week #12)

    Man, its a hard choice, the majority of people would normally choose something like flight or super speed, for me, the ability to stop time would probably be my first pick, yes it would be a robbers best friend, but think of all the things you could do with it. Given that you don't age nor...
  3. Definitely not Shadow

    QOTW (Week #11)

    Karaoke, I live for it. Possibly the greatest pastime since Dodge ball was created.
  4. Definitely not Shadow

    [OFFICIAL] Counting to 1,500!

    1037 :O Boss
  5. Definitely not Shadow

    [GUIDE] Servants, eTokens, Credits and Boss Tokens. (Prisons)

    Wow, this was Very informative, honestly one of the best guides i have ever seen for a server. I am quite new to OpBlocks and was having a hard time understanding the ins and outs of servants and the etoken system. Thanks to this I'm able to have a great overview of what this Minecraft server...