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OPBlocks Building Competition

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мocнι ♥

Hello there~
For the New Years, I will be hosting a build competition!

What are build competitions?
The build competition is a fun way for builders to show off their skills and win cool prizes. I will be deciding on a theme for people to build off of located later below in the thread. The plots will be judged at the end of the month by me, and other staff members.
This competition is our trial to see the feedback for the community and we may host more in the near future.

What are the prizes?
: Candy Warrior Kit & 1 Bil
2nd: Candy Lord Kit & 750 Mil
3rd: Candy Prince Kit & 500Mil
If you are wondering how a muncher like I will be providing prizes, this is being hosted through Tuxx.

Where do I submit my plot?
I will be making a separate thread for you to submit your plots which can be found here.
Please use this template when submitting your entry.
In-game Name:
Proof that you built the plot (At least 3 screenshots) :
Images of the plot:
Anything you would like us to know:
Any submissions that do not use the template will be discarded.

Are we allowed to submit plots that have been built before the theme was announced?
You are allowed to submit pre-built plots, but you have to prove you were the one who built it.

Are you allowed to work with other players?
You are allowed to work with others, but you will have to split the prize or decide who gets the prize if you win.

The theme for this build competition is
Winter Wonderland!
Bringing back the theme from v1, Winter Wonderland is a theme that reaches as far as an Icy Wasteland to a Christmas Dinner. I expect some interesting builds since this is a very open theme.
I wish you all the best of luck!
The deadline will be February 3, 11:59 PM PST.

Any questions? Ask below and I will answer as soon as possible!


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This is incredibly hype! I haven't built much since the v.1 contest but I'm definitely glad to try my skills again.

Good luck everybody!


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I'm not a great builder, but hope to build something of my own and see many other awesome builds! Best of luck!
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