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The Complete Guide to OPBlocks

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Slife26, Jan 7, 2018.


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  1. Slife26

    Slife26 New Member

    Jan 7, 2018
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    Okay, before I go through everything that I can possibly think of, let me introduce myself. I am a player that got into OP Blocks around 3 weeks prior to this post, got CKing as I was infatuated with it enough to pay to win. And I've nolifed multiple times on this server ever since. So from my 3 weeks worth of experience as a donor I will be making a complete guide to the server(to the best of my extent possible).

    Included in this Guide will be the following:
    • How to claim plots and useful plot commands
    • Black Market Info
    • Pick Enchants(prone to change)
    • Enchanting in general
    • Blocks in Mines(and prices)
    • Is it worth being a donor?/experience as a donor
    • Plot Shops/how to place signs
    • useful commands and what they do
    • picks/enchants(default for all rank picks)
    • Etoken Enchant Costs
    • grinding mobs
    • free world
    • Fishing Rods/fishing
    • Spawners
    • Etokens
    • Texture Pack help
    • Methods of Money Making
    • duels
    • Purchasing server perks with prepaid cards
    • Mods that I Recommend Using
    • Prices of Items

    The Guide
    How to claim Plots and useful plot commands
    1. To get a plot, first do : /warp plots
    2. After, do /plotme auto to get your own plot. If you're a donor, you can claim multiple plots like this. If you wish to claim a specific plot, go to a plot that's not claimed and do /plot claim
    3. Some useful commands are that to go to not the first plot with /plot h if you want to go to your own plot of /plot h (ign) for someone else's, do /plot h 2) (ign) and change the 2 to whatever number to go to that plot of theirs. You can change the format to /plot h (ign) (#) as well. # being the specified plot number.
    4. Want an alias for your plot? Do /plot alias (name). Then people can do /plot h (name) to go to that plot. For example, at my plot I did /plot alias market . Doing this lets people still do /plot h Slife26 for my plot but also /plot h market to go to my plot. If the name is already taken though, it will not allow you to do it.
    5. There is also /plot biome (biome name) to change biomes. I don't know if this is strictly for donors or not but it's there. For more commands do /plot help.
    6. You can also add players to your plot with /plot add (ign) This lets them build on your plot when you're on. To allow them to always build do /plot trust (ign). This should work, unless it's glitched.
    Black Market Info
    1. The Black Market spawns in pvp(accessed via /warp pvp or just /pvp). You can check when the black market is around with /bm. It notifies you when the black market is available.
    2. The Black Market Sells a variety of items for etokens that are gathered through various ways, explained further in the guide.
    3. For info on the items that it sells and prices. Please Click This Link.
    Pick Enchants(prone to change)
    1. Okay. Pick enchants are can be done by clicking enchants in /etshop while holding the item you wish to enchant. The items may be armor, picks, and swords as far as I know, as of late. Another method would be /enchant while holding the item also. Note: When using chocolate bars, which give a 25% discount on all things that cost etokens, if you attempt to enchant a pick with /enchant, the discount will not take effect. It will only discount the enchants when enchanting with /etshop. Chocolate bars are candies that can be gotten in /ah, in crates, and bought. You can only consume chocolate bars in the pvp zone.
    2. I will be listing the best enchants to get on your pick from best to worst in my opinion.
      1. Excavator
      2. Jackhammer
      3. Merchant
      4. Haste(optional, other methods are available / recommended limit 5)
      5. Speed(optional, you can also enchant armor with speed / recommended limit 5)
    3. These are the enchants you would want to get in that order. There are a few tips to it though. After getting around excavator 10+, enchant jackhammer to 10 and then resume on excavator. If you would like, get Haste and Speed to 2 and Merchant to 5 as they together wouldn't cost much and give a good boost while trying to max the others out. Haste and Speed you also only want to upgrade to 5 tops. There is no use in maxing them out.
    4. I also do not recommend getting laser which tends to make you fall and annoy you unless you have /fly. Laser can be useful but is very annoying from my experience. Don't get laser if you haven't maxed out Jackhammer. Explosive is ineffective and drill isn't as good as jackhammer. An Awesome enchant set would be Excavator 25, Jackhammer 25, Merchant 25, Luck 25, Haste 5, Speed 5. In my personal opinion of course.
    5. If you wish to find the costs for each enchant to be maxed you can find it here, I apologize if the thread is outdated at the time of reading.
    Enchanting In General
    1. You can enchant armor, weapons, and picks with /enchant or /etshop and clicking enchants while holdin the item. Chocolate bars give discounts of 25% while in pvp as chocolate bars can only be consumed in pvp. To be more clear, in the pvp zone, not while actually fighting although it may be done at such a time.
    2. Enchanting costs etokens which are found through various methods that I will explain later.
    Blocks in Mines(and prices)
    1. I will be listing all blocks that are found in each mine up to CandyKing and how much they go for in that mine.
    • A Mine :
      Cobble Stone - $1
      Coal Ore - $1
    • B Mine:
      Polished Granite - $1
      Coal Ore - $1
    • C Mine :
      Polished Diorite - $1
      Coal Ore - $2
    • D Mine :
      Polished Andensite - $2
      Coal Ore - $2.50
    • E Mine :
      Granite - $2
      Coal Ore - $3
    • F Mine :
      Diorite - $3
      Coal Ore - $3.50
    • G Mine :
      Andensite - $3.50
      Coal Ore - $4.50
    • H Mine :
      Smooth Sandstone - $4
      Iron ore - $5.50
    • I Mine :
      Smooth Red Sandstone - $5
      Iron Ore - $6.50
    • J Mine :
      Chiseled Sandstone - $6
      Iron Ore - $7.50
    • K Mine :
      Chiseled Red Sandstone - $7
      Iron Ore - $9.50
    • L Mine :
      Sandstone - $8.50
      Iron Ore - $11
    • M Mine :
      Red Sandstone - $12.50
      Iron Ore - $13.50
    • N Mine :
      White Hardened Clay - $12.50
      Gold Ore - $16.50
    • O Mine :
      Brown Hardened Clay - $15
      Gold Ore - $19.50
    • P Mine :
      Magenta Hardened Clay - $18
      Gold Ore - $23.50
    • Q Mine :
      Light Blue Hardened Clay - $21.50
      Gold Ore - $28.50
    • R Mine :
      Yellow Hardened Clay - $26
      Gold Ore - $34
    • S Mine :
      Lime Hardened Clay - $31.50
      Gold Ore - $41
    • T Mine :
      Pink Hardened Clay - $37.50
      Lapiz Lazuli - $49
    • U Mine :
      Brown Hardened Clay - $41.50
      Lapiz Lazuli - $59
    • V Mine :
      Light Grey Hardened Clay - $54.50
      Lapiz lazuli - $70.50
    • W Mine :
      Cyan Hardened Clay - $98
      Lapiz Lazuli - $110.50
    • X Mine :
      Purple Hardened Clay - $110.50
      Lapiz Lazuli - $128
    • Y Mine :
      Blue Hardened Clay - $115.50
      Lapiz Lazuli - $136.50
    • Z Mine :
      Brown Hardened Clay - $165.50
      Diamond - $485.50
    • Muncher Mine :
      Iron Block - $222
      Emerald - $685
    • Gobbler Mine :
      Gold Block - $232.50
      Emerald - $713.50
    • Chomper Mine :
      Lapiz Block - $267
      Emerald - $831
    • Hoarder Mine :
      Cyan Hardened Clay - $307
      Emerald - $969.50
    • Destroyer Mine :
      Lime Hardened Clay - $353.50
      Emerald - $1130.50
    • CandyPrince Mine :
      Redstone Block - $406.50
      Emerald - $1218.50
    • CandyLord Mine :
      Quartz Block - $417.50
      Emerald - $1418
    • CandyWarrior Mine :
      Yellow Hardened Clay - $1558
      Red Sandstone - $567.50
    • CandyKing Mine :
      Blue Hardened Clay - $1781.50
      Light Blue Hardened Clay - $729.50
    • CandyGod Mine :
    1. Note: There are some donor mines that possess the same clay blocks as non-donor mines. Also, Z, U, and O mine have brown stained clay, increasing to decreasing prices in that order also. CandyWarrior Mine has clay from Q Mine and R Mine. CandyKing has clay from Y Mine. The difference is that the donor mines buy them for A LOT MORE than normal mines and as a result, profit shops can be made like this. There are many other mines with the same blocks if you look through the list above or check for yourself.
    Is it worth being a donor?/Experience as a donor
    1. Well, this is a very sensitive question as the answer to it varies highly person to person. If you think that you will play on the server a lot, maybe. If you have money to spare. If you think you can really boost yourself a lot and that is something you strongly desire. If your school isn't in the way. If your life in general isn't in the way. I've noticed many kids buy CandyGod and other ranks and then just leave of not realize how much money a $110 really is. I'm not saying it's bad to buy high ranks, I'm saying you should put all things into consideration before buying one. I don't want any one of you to waste money on a server that will be short lived for you personally, or if you will get bored quickly. That's happened to me, not on servers but other games and I regret investing afterwards. Remember, the money you put in, doesn't come back and money is more precious than you realize. It can change lives for the worse and for the better. How you use your money is up to you, but use it wisely. Learn the right way to use it now and be smarter in the future. Cause this server won't mean everything or probably much at all to most of you in the future, so decide well.
    2. My personal experience as having put in $90 or so dollars is a bit above average from what I've seen so far. I've been able to make a massive profit shop, have more plots so my shop and area to work on will be and is larger. The mines are tens of times better, literally. The kits you tend to not use, from what I've experienced. Also, the multipliers are really good. It gets you more attention and it makes fitting in much easier, that is undeniable. Being a donor was worth it as making myself a place on the server was something I would like to do and what I would like to say have done already. In addition, my investment held me to this server in a way. I didn't want to make waste of the money so I stayed more often and made more use of what I got. I hope this was useful.
    Plot Shops/how to place signs
    1. Looking to make a shop? Before reading this, check out /warp plots and there'll be an area that explains how to make plot shops there as well.
    2. A plot shop is basically a shop at your plot that other people can visit to buy/sell items that you have made possible to sell/buy. When you make a shop, the money that you have will be given to the customer and the block they sold will be put in the chest that you turned into a shop if you're buying blocks. And the other way around if you're selling blocks/items.
    3. To make a shop, you do the following after shift right clicking a sign onto a chest/trapped chest.
      First Row : leave it empty, name will autofill
      Second Row : how many of the block are they selling/buying per click Example : 1728
      Third Row : S(sell)/B(buy) (price) Example : S 1900800 This means they are selling to me because of the S and for 1900800. If they don't have 1728(if they have under it) it'll take as much as possible and sell that for the price that matches.
      Fourth Row : Block/item name. If the name doesn't work or you don't know it. Do /iteminfo while holding that block and it'll tell you the itemid, put the itemid as the block name on the fourth row.
    Useful Commands and what they do
    1. /cf is to enter the coinflip GUI where it tells you how to create your own cf and you can do other people's cf and whoever wins collects the money
    2. Similar do /cf is /rps which is rock paper scissors.
    3. There is /craziefamily for a better pick
    4. /cstoggle is to stop getting notifications that people are selling to your chest shops
    5. /etshop to enter the etoken shop
    6. /freecandy for some freecandy
    7. /mines to know all mines and those that you have access to
    8. /shop to buy things in shop like wood, decoartion blocks, items, and more
    9. /missions to check your missions that you can do for etokens
    10. /rewards for daily rewards
    11. /ad to watch ads, 100 ads that you get credit for is $1 on the server shop
    12. /vote to vote for rewards NOTE: relog after voting to get rewards
    13. /jp for the jackpot
    14. /lot buy (amount) to buy lottery tickets, 100k each
    15. /iteminfo while holding an item to know the itemid of what you're holding
    16. /party for info on parties
    17. /gang for info on gangs
    18. /cstoggle to stop getting info on who sold to your plot shop(chest shop)
    19. /kit for kits
    20. /bp to access your backpack which also fills up while mining. Upgrade it with /etshop and click backpack upgrades
    21. /money (ign) to check balance of a player
    22. /stats (ign) to check stats of a player or just /stats to see your stats
    23. /bal to see your money or balance
    1. Crazie Family Pick(/craziefamily) : Fortune 25 Unbreaking 25 Efficiency 25
    2. Candy Cane Pick : Fortune 10 Unbreaking 10 Efficiency 10
    3. Muncher Pick : Fortune 15 Unbreaking 15 Efficiency 15
    4. Gobbler Pick : Fortune 20 Unbreaking 20 Efficiency 20
    5. Chomper Pick : Fortune 25 Unbreaking 25 Efficiency 25
    6. Hoarder Pick : Fortune 30 Unbreaking 30 Efficiency 30
    7. Destroyer Pick : Fortune 35 Unbreaking 35 Efficiency 35
    8. CandyPrince Pick : Fortune 40 Unbreaking 40 Efficiency 40
    9. CandyLord Pick : Fortune 45 Unbreaking 45 Efficienct 45
    10. CandyWarrior Pick : Fortune 50 Unbreaking 50 Efficiency 50
    11. CandyKing Pick : Fortune 60 Unbreaking 60 Efficiency 60
    12. CandyGod Pick : Fortune 100 Unbreaking 100 Efficiency 100
    13. Winter Pick(for winter ranks): Fortune 75 Unbreaking 75 Efficiency 75
    14. Prestige 5 : Fortune 50 Unbreaking 50 Efficiency 50
    15. Prestige 10 : Fortune 100 Unbreaking 100 Efficiency 100
    16. Prestige 15 : Fortune 150 Unbreaking 150 Efficiency 150
    17. Prestige 20 : Fortune 200 Unbreaking 200 Efficiency 200

    Etoken Enchant Costs
    1. Jackhammer - 60.1k Etokens
    2. Drill - 60.1k Etokens
    3. Laser - 60.1k Etokens
    4. Explosive - 60.1k Etokens
    5. Luck - 60.1k Etokens
    6. Haste - 45,075 Etokens
    7. Merchant - 40,075 Etokens
    8. Speed - 40,075 Etokens
    9. Excavator - 30,050 Etokens
    Grinding Mobs
    1. Many people tend to ask where you can kill mobs for /missions and whatnot. You can find them in the nether which you need to be prestige 3 for and in freeworld which you need to be prestige 2 for. Spawners spawn mobs as well but spawners only work in freeworld, don't place them on your plot for they will not work on plots.
    Free World
    1. If you're curious about freeworld. It is basically like a normal minecraft world but you can only touch blocks that you have claimed. You claim in chunks with /claim and you can claim up to 5 chunks no matter your rank. You can place blocks there as well and you add other players to work in your claim. Each chunk is 16x16 for those who don't know. You can place spawners and make grinders in freeworld and whatnot as well. Remember, you need to be prestige 2 to access freeworld via /freeworld.
    Fishing Rods/fishing
    1. Fishing rods can be obtained in /warp fishing. There is a chest near the pole to the left that has fishing rods, an unlimited supply of them. You can fish there as well and fishing gives fish and sometimes candies. Is it worth to fish in my opinion? No, not at all. There are tons of other ways to make money that are more efficient so I wouldn't tell you to do it but it's still an option if you'd like.
    1. Spawners are obtained with /etshop. You can buy spawners in the spawner section and it says they're 10k each but each spawner is 7500 etokens. If you eat a chocolate bar it goes down to around 5.7k etokens. Remember, chocolate bars can only be consumed in the pvp zone. Spawners can only spawn mobs in the freeworld so do not place them on plots for they will not work. The best spawners for cash are Gummy Bear spawners which are creeper spawners and once creepers die they spawn the candy bonbons and give the most amount of cash per candy at the vendor.
    1. Etokens are obtained through a few ways. You can get them from crate keys, mining, completing certain missions in /missions, and buying them from /buy in etoken pouches that vary in reward of etokens within a minimum and maxiumum limit.
    2. When mining, excavator increases the chances of getting etokens from breaking a block and lucky blocks also give etokens time to time and if you're in a donor mine, you're guarunteed etokens from a lucky block.
    3. You can spend your etokens via /etshop where you can buy other things as well such as spawners, factories, refineries, and more. In /etshop is also backpack upgrades that you can do with in game money in etokens.
    Texture Pack Help
    1. To enable the texture pack, just exit the server. Click once on the op blocks server on your server list. Hit edit on the bottom and then click server resource pack till it says enabled. Then log back on and the resource pack will be enabled.
    Methods of Making Money
    1. There are a few ways to make money
    2. Doing /cf
      /lot buy (amount)
      all of which are gambling methods
    3. There is the traditional method of mining
    4. You can do /buy to buy cash
    5. You can sell items to people for cash
    6. you can create shops at your plot which I have a tutorial above for
    7. You can farm candies by planting them like traditional vanilla crops
    8. Or if you're at freeworld buy Gummy Spawners for spawners that spawn a certain candy and get those candies and sell them to the vendor or with /sellall
    9. Do irl deals NOTE: do these with a staff member assisting to prevent scamming
    10. pvp which gives money for leveling up in pvp, not a lot though
    1. You can duel people with /duel (ign) and if they accept they will duel you
    2. you can also do /queue join/leave to enter or leave a list of people that will automatically join a match that they can pvp another person in, random person
    Purchasing Server Perks with Prepaid Cards
    1. Okay, if you want to buy something from server shop with a prepaid giftcard, GIFTCARD, you will have to be in the same country as the bank account. So for example, if you're in the U.S., any prepaid giftcard won't work. Like visa or mastercard, they won't. Not a debit card, prepaid giftcard. It will not accept it as the bank is in foreign soil. Unless you know the location of the bank account and are in that country.
    Mods That I Recommend Using
    1. Optifine : It reduces lag and allows you to zoom
    2. Macro Mod : It allows you to create shortcuts such as auto type in chat with a key and a few complex codes that are allowed on the server like place signs, not completely automatic of course. It makes long tedious tasks easy also and serves as a tool to make playing easier and more enjoyable.
    3. Got other mods? Comment it below. Check if they're allowed on the server first.
    Prices of Items
    1. Gummy Bear Spawners(creeper spawners) : Bought at /etshop for 7500 etokens. Sold for a range between 800 million and 1 Billion, depending on who you're selling it to. Of course, this is the common price.
    2. Blaze Spawners : Bought at /etshop, Above 100 million and below 300 million
    3. Chunky Chest Keys : 300 million to 500 million
    4. Cookie Jar Keys : 10 Million
    5. Hershey Hurricanes : 5-15 million, depends on who's buying it
    6. Got more items and they prices? Comment below to have it added.
    Coming Soon :
    Candies and their effects
    Farming Candies(possibly)

    Thank You For Reading This
    I hope this Guide was useful and
    if you have something I should put in here
    please leave it down in the comments below and I'll
    do my best to add it to this Guide. If you liked it, please upvote.
    It makes it easier to find for other players and so more people
    can see it and that means less
    confusion and questions for
    everyone. Makes the server easier

    to play aswell.
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  2. M1ghtyMa5on

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    *claps slowly*
  3. Madara_

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    Wow, this guide was very well made. Nice job.
  4. ExplodingMC12

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    Good job +1 Explains in detail how everything works
  5. Mutah

    Mutah Dedicated Member

    Aug 29, 2016
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    wow well done. the only thing is that most players on the forums are pretty well known with all the commands. but nevertheless good help.
    make sure they are not going to get you banned
  6. Goddessics

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    Wow, that’s dedication at its finest.
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  7. OfficialFood

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    well Sugar.
  8. Slife26

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    Yes, I've kept that on note Mutah, thanks for reminding me though. I already made sure that anything I recommend I have checked with what's legal on the server. And there are people who go to forums for help, I was new to the server and to get an understanding, I went to the forums to get some tips and assistance. There are bound to be others as well and as I didn't find all that I needed when I went to the forums I created this. Again, please upvote this post if you think it's useful so it's easier for others to see and find. I appreciate all the support you all have given this post. I know I barely made it , as of late, but I find your comments approving of my work and that helps me.
  9. Chrissehh

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    Nice work!

    Hope this can help everyone starting off :)
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  10. JustMe03

    JustMe03 Guest

    Haste is completely useless, enchant a piece of armor with agility instead of speed and luck is useless aswell
    You probably meant drill, laser is not that bad
    Oh hell no
  11. OpticLuLz

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    Dec 5, 2017
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    I love this. It’ll help the small group of players that check forums before asking about things in chat. It’s too bad we can’t shove this thread in newbies faces as they enter the server.
  12. Slife26

    Slife26 New Member

    Jan 7, 2018
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    I will consider your reccomendations when I next edit the post. Thanks. The "ask for donations" was of course something I looked down upon in the post as you saw so no worries, I agree with you JustMe03.
  13. DdubsRulez2

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    no pls
    Crazie Family Pickaxe: 25 (everything, fortune efficiency and unbreaking)
    Member Candy Cane: 10
    Muncher: 15
    Gobbler: 20
    Chomper: 25
    Hoarder: 30
    Candy Prince: 40
    Candy Lord: 45
    Those are the ones you don't have yet

    Great tutorial, with a little bit of editing this might get pinned, you never know :>
    Really useful for that slight amount of people on forums who don't already know most or all of this haha
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  14. pixdoesgaming

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    Noice tutorial, it really helps the new players
  15. nationalities

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    Too many words for my eyes.. Also for the how to finish the kill mobs mission you can also jump down pvp and use candies that spawn mobs.

    T3 Marshmallow: 1 Spider each
    T3 Laffy Taffy: Like 5 Skeletons each
    T3 Bonbons: idk like a frick tonne of animals.
  16. Slife26

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    Jan 7, 2018
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    Well, that's great information. I'll make sure to check these and add them accordingly to the Guide on my next update session for this post. Thanks for the info nationalities.
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    Holy detail my guy
  18. BazerKing

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    Complete guide for OPBlocks: Esc - - > Disconnect

    You don't need that much information
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    *Posts complete guide*

    *factions gets released less than a week later*
  20. OpticLuLz

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    Complete guide to holding your soap fi— I mean, prison.
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