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Announcement Sumo Event


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Hey OPBlockers! We're excited to announce a Sumo Event taking place on Saturday, September 11, 1PM EST!

How to Play

Your goal is to make it beat all of your opponents. Once you sign up using the form linked below, you will be matched up with an opponent that you will fight on Saturday. It is plain old normal sumo, no twists or anything. Punch your opponent off and you win!

Remember to sign up or you will not be able to participate!
-> Sign Up Form <-


No Hacking
No Exploiting
Breaking any rules will result in a permanent ban. Other rules not listed are implied and are up to a staff's discretion.


First Place: 3x Jumbo Box Keys + 1x Cosmetic Key
Second Place: 2x Jumbo Box Keys + 1x Cosmetic Key
Third Place: 1x Jumbo Box Key + 1x Cosmetic Key

We hope to see all of you sign up for this event. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. May the odds be ever in your favor!​
Woop Woop!


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resigned: i don't think i was ever staff

Helper: i wish i was owner for just one minute
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JrAdmin: pls let me try out world edit sometime because JrAdmin is da best and i wish i cud do //wand and //replacenear air, so cool