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Announcement Skyblock Status Update


big cat manager
Hello everyone!

This weekend has been massively successful for the launch of our Skyblock server! We’ve been hovering around 200 concurrent players online and then we hit the server cap while Jerome was streaming! We are so glad you all are exploring the map and using the exciting new features. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for these next couple weeks!

We’ll be running events almost every day this week as Jerome continues to stream, so as always make sure to keep an eye out for those. The Skyblock Build Competition is still active and runs through this Friday, June 26th! The aim is to build the most aesthetically pleasing island while still integrating value blocks to raise your level. The winner will receive a Fantasy Crate Key for each one of their island members (alts excluded)!

Thank you to those of you who submitted feedback to our form on first impressions, I have randomly selected five responses to win a Fantasy Crate Key! Congratulations to the following players:
  • Ezilplayz
  • M1k3y421
  • IssaWaffle
  • Jackson099908
  • DragPlays_
Winners, please type /cr claim when joining next to claim your key! (Except for Mikey, he was online when I gave the keys :D)

We cannot thank you all for the support you’ve been giving us. Stay tuned for more content updates for both Skyblock and the Prison servers!


Staff member
So happy you guys are enjoying the season. Thank you for the tremendous support you've shown us in just three days.

The positive feedback we've received and kind words have blown us away and really made all of this hard work worth it :D
I would like to enter my island into the competition, can I enter it on here? I got banned from the discord for something I didn't know about...