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Hey everyone! We are excited to release our new Prison Season which includes some major gameplay updates!
This reset will include a major dungeons update, a major gang update, as well as some other core gameplay additions.
We have put lots of work into these changes and hope you all enjoy them!


Dungeons Update

• Quest NPCs! There are now NPCs around the whole dungeons map that you're able to interact with. They will give you quests that you will have to do to be able to progress further into the story!
• New Dungeon tags! Dungeon tags will be unlockable after doing a certain quest, or rebirthing.
• Rebirths! After you've done floor 10 of dungeons (which most people do pretty quickly) you can also rebirth now! Rebirths reset your progress, give you a tag, and boost your stats. For every rebirth you'll get a custom tag.
• New accessories! Dungeon accessories can be obtained from killing mobs or bosses.
• Mining system! There are now custom mines and forests where you are able to mine ores and wood.
• Custom recipes! You can now craft custom tools and items with the things that you get from grinding.
• Fishing in dungeons! There will be a pond on each floor where you can fish at. Each floor gives custom rewards from catching a fish.


Gang Hideouts

• Mine at your own Gang mine, earning increased amounts of Gang Score.
• Gang spawners! Very similar to the current system on Skyblock.
• Gang bosses! There will be a private arena where players can kill a boss with their gang only.
• Farming area! There is now a farm inside the gang hideout where players can harvest crops to earn gang score, the higher the upgrades, the faster the farm regenerates and the more gang score that can be earned.​


Fishing Rework

Yes, that's correct! Fishing has got a brand new system!
The new fishing system isn't even a fishing rod anymore, you now fish with a trident !
Just jump in the pool at /warp fishing with your new trident and go crazy!


Prestige System Update

Prestiges are now unlimited beyond P100!
Prestiges from 1 to 10 will stay the same, and prestiges from 11 to 100 will have 7 quests each instead of 10.
After reaching P100 via questing, the following pretiges will be very grindy and based on money, eTokens, and beacons.


Random Competitions

There are now automated random competitions every few hours! Compete to earn rewards as one of the top 5 players!


Other Changes

• Servants now earn gang score
• Enchant balance changes
• PMine design updates
• Other quality of life changes​