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In a catastrophic accident the OPBlocks Milkyway starship has crash landed on a subterranean mushroom planet! Do you have what it takes to explore, capture, and become the ruler of this new environment?

Hello our incredible, impeccable, intelligent OPBlockers! We are very excited to announce our updated Milkyway reset, releasing on December 12th at 2 PM EST! The staff team have poured a multitude of hours into brainstorming and testing to ensure this is going to be a fantastic update! With lots of revamped and NEW features, we are certain you will love it and we hope you are as excited as we are!

Now, on to some of the feature updates you'll be enjoying this season!

« Meteors »

Upon crash landing on this foreign planet players noticed meteors often fall from the sky! A meteor will fall four times a day in /warp pvp. Use /meteor to see how many have dropped so far during that day. Race to find the meteor and destroy it four times so you can claim legendary rewards, including a guaranteed dungeon key!

« Dungeons »

Team up with up to 8 friends and take on the dungeons! By running /dungeons, a GUI will open with numerous options. To enter a dungeon, you will need at least 4 members in your /dungeon party. Gain gems by killing mobs within the dungeons to progress between stages, until you reach the final boss! As your reward, you will be given some dungeon coins! These can be spent in the /dungeon shop to buy keys, titles and more!
- This feature will be available after the server launches so we can balance it with the new economy that evolves! -

« Beacons Currency »

We have completely revamped the economy into a new and improved system by removing credits and adding beacons! Beacons can be spent in a brand new /beaconshop, for upgrading factories, and most importantly for the cost to prestige! Beacons can be obtained from /challenges, crates, mining, chat games and a brand new /warp beacons mine, where you can mine beacons in the good old-fashioned prison way.

« Outposts »

Outposts are a way for you and your whole gang to earn unique and useful prizes! Teleport to the outpost using /outpost and earn temporary sell, XP and eToken boosters whilst you have it under control, plus more prizes for every hour it belongs to your gang! The gang which has control of the outpost for the longest wins. Each outpost cycle is 4 hours long, and similar to KOTH, you cannot win two cycles in a row.

« Upgraded Candy »

New technology on this planet has enabled the upgradability of candies using /combine! There is a conversion rate of:

4 refined candy = 1 tasty candy
8 tasty candy = 1 delicious candy

In addition to these upgrades candies will now be 1 click instant!

« Killstreak Rewards »

To reward your brave PvP skills, you will now be awarded a prize every 5 kills in a killstreak! As a precautionary measure, there is an anti kill farming system in place. This means that you must get 2 unique kills in between killing the same person twice for it to count towards your kill streak.

« New Prestige Enchants »

Looter - Increases chances of getting pouches from mobs!
Starlight - Increased yield of beacons from /warp beacons mining

« Revamped Chat Games »

Chat games have been completely revamped and now have four types of questions! Maths, reaction time, scramble and trivia. These chat games reward beacons, and have a stats page and leaderboard found through /chatgame or /cg.

« Improved Vote Rewards »

To award you further for your voting efforts, we have buffed the voting streak rewards! They are now as follows:

Bonus Key Chances for every Vote!

0.5% Jumbo
1% Cosmetic
2% Epic

Vote Streak Rewards (Vote this many times per month to receive these rewards)

1x Cookie - 3 votes
2x Cookie - 6 votes
1x Epic - 9 votes
2x Epic - 15 votes
1x Cosmetic - 21 votes
2x Cosmetic - 30 votes
1x Elite - 39 votes
2x Elite - 48 votes
3x Elite - 57 votes
1x Jumbo - 66 votes
2x Jumbo - 76 votes
3x Jumbo - 87 votes

Just by voting daily you can obtain a minimum of 6x Jumbo, 6x Elite, 3x Cosmetic, 3x Epic, 3x Cookie, and over 100+ Vote Keys!

« New Help Menu »

A revamped /help menu with GUI will help you navigate around the numerous awesome features of OPBlocks!

« Etoken and XP Withdraw »

Due to popular demand, Etokens will now withdraw as a note rather than individual blaze powders! You can now also withdraw XP using /xpwithdraw.

« Toggleable Rankup Confirmation »

Another popular request was the removal of the /rankup confirmation command. You can now toggle this with /ru toggle!

« Updated Blackmarket »

The blackmarket has been updated to look as snazzy as ever and contain new seasonal items!

« Money Abbreviations »

You can now use K, M, B, and T to represent numbers in commands. For example you can /ah sell 100m instead of typing out all the zeroes, or /withdraw 10t for a money note. This works with Auction, eTokens, beacons, pay, and withdraw commands!


мocнι ♥
Nice to see kill streaks added back. And my baby blackmarket getting an update :>>>>

Was hoping to see more late game content. But, looks nice either way.
idk I feel like it would've been better to introduce all of this over time, not all at once. New players already have a hard time understanding what is going on and how to play not to mention all the commands to learn, and since all of this was added at once everyone has to relearn the server which means some question might go unanswered due to the lack of knowledge from the more active/helpful players. This does sound really cool and I am excited but I still think that it would've been better to slowly introduce some of this stuff like beacons, outposts and meteors could be really confusing to newer players and all this new stuff could turn other players away that have been playing for a season or two because of just how much change it is.
The outposts in general sound rather confusing and I'm sure it'll make sense when the update goes live.

I'm excited but the new stuff kinda concerns me