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Announcement KOTH Event Competition


big cat manager

We have just released our newest feature, KOTH! King of the Hill has been introduced to reinvigorate Skyblock PvP and adds in some new, rare loot to obtain. Check out /warp KOTH and use the /KOTH command to see when the next KOTH is starting.

Want to start your own KOTH? Purchase a KOTH Starter from the store HERE!

To kick off this new feature, we are hosting a KOTH event for the next week. Over the next 7 days, the winners will be the top 3 players with the most "Top 5 Finishes" in POINTS ONLY (top 5 finishes in damage dealt WILL NOT count). In order to participate, simply gear up, head to /warp KOTH and get ready to fight as the competition will be fierce.


1st Place: 3 KOTH Keys + KOTH title
2nd Place: 3 KOTH Keys + KOTH title
3rd Place: 3 KOTH Keys + KOTH title

Good luck to all who are going to be fighting for the honor of KOTH Champion!