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Announcement Find the Button v2 Event

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Hey OPBlockers! We're excited to announce our second ever Find the Button event on Sunday, September 27, at 1PM EST! Instead of 9 maps this time, there will be 1 big map with 11 real buttons hidden in and around it. You guys will be challenged to find all of the buttons in order to get the special prize at the end! There will be additional prizes for the top 5 people to complete the map.

The event will be hosted on the Events Server. Use /server events to get there.

How to Play

Your goal is to find all 11 buttons on the map. Some may be hidden in tiny crevices, at the end of a maze or a parkour course, and many more possible hiding places! You will get a note for each button that you find. Once you find all 11 buttons, you will be able to turn them by clicking the button at the end of the parkour. You will only be able to enter the event 1 time.


No Hacking
No Flying
No XRay
No Exploiting
If staff believe you of working together, you and your party members will be disqualified from the event.
Breaking any rules will result in a permanent ban. Other rules not listed are implied and are up to a staff's discretion.


First Place: 3x Jumbo Box Keys
Second Place: 2x Jumbo Box Keys
Third Place: 1x Jumbo Box Key
Finish Prize: Exclusive Tag + 5 Jumbos (5 random buttons have 1 Jumbo prize)

We hope to see every one of you at our new event. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. May the odds be ever in your favor.​
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