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Announcement Find the Button Event


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Hey OPBlockers! We're excited to announce our first ever Find the Button event on Friday, August 21, 3pm EST! There are nine unique maps made by our wonderful builders. You guys will be challenged to find the button in each of the nine maps in order to get the special prize at the end! There will be additional prizes for the top 5 people to complete the map.

How to Play

Your goal is to make it through all 9 maps in the fastest time. There will be multiple buttons on each map, but only 1 will be the correct button sending you on to the next map. But beware some buttons will send you back a map, so be very careful about which buttons you decide to press. These maps will be challenging as you further yourself into these maps.


First Place: 3x Jumbo Box Keys
Second Place: 2x Jumbo Box Keys
Third Place: 1x Jumbo Box Key
Fourth Place: 2x Elite Box Keys
Fifth Place: 1x Elite Box Keys

There will be a participation reward as long as you reach it to the end. Make sure to be there at the start to have a chance at these top 5 rewards!

However, you will only be able to enter the event 1 time. If you leave the event you will not be able to try again. Almost every command will be disabled to prevent cheating. There will be signs in every map in case you decide to leave the event. If you reach the end of the event, there is an option for you to spectate the players still trying to find all of the buttons.

We hope to see every one of you at our new event. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. May the odds be ever in your favor.​