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Color codes for Nicknames v2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Robrussia, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Robrussia

    Robrussia Active Member

    Apr 21, 2019
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    Hi All,
    I would love to correct this thread.

    If you take a look at it, it does not help with what to do with your nickname colors. It does a brief description, but doesn't specifically explain its use in the game.

    Before you guys say "there are already forum posts about this", I have checked almost every one, and have concluded that none of them are in as depth as the one you will read below.

    I have repasted the color form, and I will do my best to re-explain how to understand and use this: Click Here

    1: To start out, ignore all of the confusing "&" symbols. You will need this later, but it is confusing for new players. Look at the chart, look at the left column and the far right column.

    2: Pick out which colors you would like to use, and look at the symbols that relate to that color.

    3: Figure out what nickname you would like to use. I will use my own personal nickname as an example:

    I chose Ruso (Short for Robrussia). I chose 4 colors, all on the blue shade. I chose the blue shade "1, 9, 3, b" This is confusing if you do not have the chart pulled up, so I will relink it here.

    If the 1,9,3,b confused you, take a look at the chart. 1 relates to "dark blue", 9 relates to "blue", 3 relates to "dark aqua", and b relates to "aqua". I chose these colors because they are the same format I have used for past versions.

    4: After you figure out what colors you would like to use, here is how you implement them into your nickname.

    5: First you must figure out what colors you want to use, then what nickname you want the OPBlocks community to see. I would keep it short, but be creative :)

    6: Type /nick into your chat, and leave a space afterward.

    7: After you type /nick, put the "&" symbol, and then the color code, then you letter you want equivalent to it.

    I would type /nick &1R

    This means that the first letter of my nickname will be an R, and the color "dark blue"

    8: Continue adding letters and colors (or if you want one color, keep using the same &(any color code) until your desired nickname is completed.

    9: For me, I would do /nick &1R&9u&3s&bo

    then hit enter, and it should be saved as your new username!

    If your chat comes back with "names must be alphanumeric", re-enter the data, making sure there are no extra spaces. Re-enter your data. If it continues occurring, try to make sure you used the right symbols, didn't accidentally put a ^ or an * instead of an &. After this, if you continue having difficulties, please reach out to me.

    Again, this is a copy of another post, but I went into more depth, to help explain this concept to newer (and older) players, who are not familiar with this feature of the game :)

    Hope this helped you in some way,


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