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Announcement CHRISTMAS SALE 60% OFF


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Greetings all and Merry Christmas!

'Tis the season to be enjoying some holiday fun on the OPBlocks network and spending time with your families! In celebration and in thankfulness to all of our players we will be running a 60% OFF Christmas Sale from now until after Christmas. We want to remind and thank everyone for your support and purchases on the store; truly they are what makes everything possible on OPBlocks and your generous giving enables us to fund every bit of this network operation.

We currently have two full-time developers that create amazing content for everyone to enjoy, and YouTuber's that promote the game to help us grow, as well as many other expenses. All of this is funded by the incredible players that support us, and sometimes also funded out of my personal savings so that we can continue to operate and expand our community.

We want to issue the biggest thank you ever for this wonderful 2020 year. It has been trying and difficult for many around the world, and I'm very happy that we each have this online home to retreat to as needed. Our community is the most tight-knit and friendly group of players that I've ever personally witnessed in 8+ years of professionally running Minecraft servers and I feel excessively blessed to be a part of it.

Again, we just want to thank you for playing, and an extra thank you for those that are able to support us so that we can continue to operate OPBlocks and grow this wonderfully unique community.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all!