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[Skyblock] Fixed Outpost rewards giving double rewards in some cases
[Skyblock] Fishing rods no longer let you hit someone out of PVP
[Skyblock] Fixed the Grinding [Hard] mission giving the right rewards
[Skyblock] Fixing placing/breaking mob heads
[Skyblock] Fixed Cocoa beans not counting towards the harvester mission
[Skyblock] Fixed the Sky God Sword from the blackmarket dealer
[Skyblock] Fixed bug where envoy would not give crop hopper
[Skyblock] Added Nether Realms compatibility with Harvester Tools for sell boosting
[Skyblock] Added Nether Realms guide, /nr guide
[Skyblock] Spawner limits increased for cave spider and magma in Nether Realms
[Skyblock] Updated and improved /is nether menu for Nether Realms
[Skyblock] mcMMO now works in Nether Realms on all skills
[Skyblock] Nether Realms - Mob heads now drop from mobs
[Skyblock] Nether Realms have been released
[Skyblock] Fixed a small bug with envoy money notes