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OPBlocks Global Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Useful Info' started by OPBlocks Management, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Jun 15, 2016
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    Staff members reserve the right to increase punishments if deemed
    necessary by a repeated inability to follow the rules stated below.
    If a rule does not exist here, staff may make a judgement decision
    and an admin will review it later on.


    The rules will constantly be updated, it would be in your best interest to
    occasionally check the rules to see if anything has changed. So that you can abide by the
    guidelines and expectations of this game mode.

    It is best of interest to look over which modifications
    are legal to the server, you can find all level modifications here.


    When you produce an appeal, wait for staff to appropriately respond.
    Under no circumstances should a player spam the forums, staff, nor other players.
    Appeals are looked over regularly by our staff team, staff will reply to an appeal
    when they have come to a conclusive verdict on said appeal, you can appeal here.

    The use of Hacked Clients
    The use of malicious mods or hacked clients is strictly prohibited

    The use of disallowed modifications

    A list of allowed modifications can be found here

    Ban Evading

    Using VPN’s & Public Alts may flag you up as bypassing a ban, use them at your own risk

    DDoS/Dox Attacks
    Performing DDoS, DoS or Dox attacks is not tolerated

    Blatant Advertising

    Spamming Server IP’s is not tolerated

    3rd-Party Trading
    Offering or trading In-Game items for non-store related items is not tolerated

    In-Game scamming
    If you scam another player for in-game items or money, you will be permanently banned.
    Note: If you were scammed, you need to have a video that shows both parties agreeing to the deal, and the actual scam taking place. Unless chat related or not being done with a trade (dependant on the staff).

    First offense » Permanent ban

    Abusing Bugs or Glitches
    Report them here and refrain from telling other players

    Mute Evading
    Using alts to bypass mutes is not tolerated

    Inappropriate Skins and Usernames
    Using skins/usernames others may find disturbing is not tolerated

    Building Casino's is not tolerated

    First offense » 7 Day ban

    Second offense » 14 Day ban

    Third offense » 30 Day ban

    Fourth offense » Permanent ban

    AFK Fishing
    Use of a fishing mod/AFK fishing farm is not tolerated.

    Item Drops
    Dropping large amounts of items, such as rods and soups, is not tolerated.

    Kill Boosting
    Killing/farming alternate accounts in pvp is not tolerated.

    Promoting /ci or alt+F4
    The promotion of /ci or alt+F4 continuously to players will not be tolerated.
    Treating it as a 'joke' is not a sufficient excuse.

    Scamming on Auction House
    Auctioning fake/renamed items is not tolerated and will not be treated at a 'joke'.

    First offense » 1 Day Ban

    Second offense » Permanent Ban

    Suicide Encouragement
    (Depending on Severity)

    Death threats or indication of suicide encouragement is not tolerated
    Treating it as a 'joke' is not a sufficient excuse.

    First offense » 14 Day mute

    Second offense » 30 Day mute

    Third offense » Permanent mute

    This includes sending repeat chat messages, tempting others into
    punishments or excessive use of caps/characters

    Explicit Language

    The use of inappropriate language is not tolerated

    Discrimination, Threats, Toxicity, and Harassment
    (Depending on Severity)
    Discriminating or harassing other players with racial slurs or threats is not tolerated,
    if excessive, can result in a temp or permanent ban

    Staff, Server & Player Disrespect
    Disrespectfulbehaviorr towards any player or the server is not tolerated

    Abbreviating verbal offenses

    Language like “stfu” and "fk you" is not tolerated

    Political Debates
    Getting into political arguments is not tolerated.


    Report them here rather than directly accusing other players of hacking

    Light Advertising

    Sharing or discussing the IP/Name of another server is not tolerated
    Players will not be punished if any of trkey's other servers are mentioned

    Promoting IRL Deals
    Discussing or promoting IRL Deals in global chat is not tolerated
    OPBlocks does not endorse or advise participating in IRL deals and there will be no refunds or punishments
    if an individual is scammed due to an IRL deal
    IRL Deals may be talked about in private messages, however, messaging staff or players
    who do not wish to receive such messages, is punishable.

    First offense » Warning/10m mute (if severe)

    Second offense » 30m mute

    Third offense » 1 hour mute

    Fourth offense » 3 Hour mute

    Fifth offense » 6 hour mute

    Sixth offense » 12 hour mute

    Seventh offense » 1 day mute

    Eighth offense » 3 day mute

    Ninth offense » 1 week mute

    Tenth offense » 2 week mute
    (repeat the same offense if continued)

    Inappropriate Nickname
    Having an inappropriate nickname is not allowed.
    If players choose to disobey this rule, /nick perms will be removed.

    YouTuber Impersonation
    Using a nickname in an attempt to impersonate YouTubers is not permitted

    Staff Impersonation
    Using a nickname to impersonate staff is not allowed.

    First offense » Warning

    Second offense » Perk removal

    Bounty Spam
    Spamming bounties will lead to a temp ban.
    Those who continue to spam will be further punished.

    Lag Machines

    Machines or Builds that cause severe lag issues
    towards the server will be removed.

    Inappropriate Builds

    Making builds that are found disturbing by others will be removed.

    First offense » Warning (Depending on severity)

    Second offense » 1 Day ban

    Third offense » Perm ban

    (All in-game rules apply)

    Inappropriate language/Bypassing Filter - 1 Warning Point
    Excessive language or attempting to bypass the filter is not tolerated

    Micro Posting - 1 Warning Point

    Short messages with very few words is not tolerated

    Post Farming - 2 Warning Points
    Making too many posts quickly, or generally spamming a thread is not tolerated

    Spam tagging - 2 Warning Points
    (Depending on severity)
    Spam tagging one another is not tolerated

    Spam creating threads/profiles/posts - 2 Warning Points
    (Depending on severity)

    Spam making threads, replying to any thread with spam or a spammy comment
    or spamming another members profile is not tolerated

    Rating Abuse - 5 Warning Points
    Attempting to ask others or rate everything of one person to annoy them is not tolerated

    Alternate Forum Accounts - 10 Warning Points
    Using alternate accounts to farm ratings/bypass your forums ban is not tolerated

    Troll Application/Suggestion/Report - 10 Warning Points
    Threads found considered trolling are not tolerated

    Death threats - 10 Warning Points
    Threatening or harassing another person/family is not tolerated

    Inappropriate Names/Impersonation - 50 Warning Points
    Names found disturbing or inappropriate, or impersonating other YouTubers/Staff members is not tolerated
    (Private message an administrator to have the name of the account changed)

    5 Warning Points » 1 Week Ban

    10 Warning Points » 2 Week Ban

    15 Warning Points » 3 Week Ban

    20 Warning Points » 1 Month Ban

    30 Warning Points » 2 Month Ban

    40 Warning Points » 3 Month Ban

    50 Warning Points » Permanent Ban
    (All in-game rules apply)

    Channel Hopping
    Hopping between channels or back to someone's channel after being kicked many times is not tolerated

    Music in public channels
    Playing soundboards/music in public channels (excludes music channel) is not tolerated

    Voice Changers
    Using voice changers in public channels or using after being told not to is not tolerated

    Screamers/Inappropriate Songs
    (Depending on severity)

    Playing loud sounds, loud music, or offensive songs is not tolerated, this is towards every channel

    Inappropriate Channel names
    Channel names offending one another are not tolerated

    Being in support room for unnecessary purposes
    Joking about support or generally talking in there without needing support is not tolerated

    First offence » Verbal warning

    Second offence » Kick

    Third offence » 1 Day Ban

    Fourth offence » Permanent Ban
    (All in-game rules apply)

    Language/Bypassing Filter
    The excessive use of swearing or trying to bypass the filter is not tolerated

    Spamming messages in text channels or spam tagging is not tolerated

    Inappropriate Usernames/Profiles
    Using an inappropriate username, profile picture or description is not tolerated

    Voice Changers
    Using voice changers in public channels or using after being told not to is not tolerated

    Inappropriate Links/Videos/Music
    Posting inappropriate content (videos, screenshots, etc) is not tolerated

    Tagging a staff member without reason
    Bugging another staff member just to annoy them is not tolerated

    Discrimination, Threats, and Harassment
    (Depending on Severity)

    Discriminating or harassing other players with racial slurs or threats is not tolerated

    Staff/Youtuber Impersonation
    Having your name as another staff member/youtuber is not tolerated

    Song Limit
    Songs cannot exceed more than 6 minutes

    First offence » Verbal warning/Kick (if severe)

    Second offence » 1 Day Ban

    Third offence » Permanent Ban

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