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OPBlocks Faction Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Useful Info' started by OPBlocks Management, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Staff members reserve the right to increase punishments if deemed necessary by a repeated inability to follow the rules stated below.
    If a rule does not exist here, staff may make a judgement decision and an admin will
    review it later on.

    If a user has already been punished and repeats the offence, the punishment will be doubled.


    The rules will constantly be updated. It would be in your best interest to occasionally check the rules to see if anything has changed so that you can adhere to the guidelines and expectations of this game mode.


    Ban Appeal
    When you produce an appeal, wait for staff to appropriately respond. Under no circumstances should a player spam the forums, staff nor other players. Appeals are looked over regularly by our staff team, they will respond as soon as possible.

    OPFactions Rules

    Level 1 (Chat Violations)

    Any attempts to evade the spam filter by sending a message or a mere copy of a message multiple times.

    Using characters or a character excessively in a message.

    Punishment: 5 Minute Mute (Character Spam), 10 Minute Mute (Spam), 30 Minute Mute (Excessive)

    Encouraging Spam
    (Eg: First one to say ‘123’ will get a free sweet).

    Punishment: 30 Minute Mute

    Block Spam
    Spamming blocks and/or objects that create a sound in the spawn or warzone.

    Punishment: Kick, 1 Hour Tempban, 1 Hour Tempban (May be extended if repeated offence or warned)

    Money Spam
    Repeatedly spamming a player with money

    Punishment: 1 Hour - 1 Day Tempban

    Faction Spam
    Spamming any faction command, including but not limited to faction tag, open and close, disband, and invite.

    Punishment: 1 Hour Tempban, 1 Day Tempban (Severe)

    Light Advertising
    The discussion of other servers is ALLOWED. However, we do not allow players to encourage players to join a different server in public chat, even if the ip address is not used directly.

    Punishment: 1 Hour Mute

    Unrelated Advertising
    The posting of any content that is not OPBlocks related.

    Punishment: 1 Hour Mute

    Inappropriate Content
    Any form of content that may potentially include inappropriate content or “adult” content.

    Punishment: 6 Hour Mute

    Abuse of /Nick
    Users are expected not to change their name to something discriminating, inappropriate, or offensive. We also expect users not to abuse their nickname to mislead staff.

    Using a discriminating, inappropriate, or offensive nickname in an attempt to mislead a staff member into issuing an incorrect punishment.

    Inappropriate names will result in a permanent mute until your name has been changed. Using your inappropriate name to break chat rules will result in further punishments for you or other people.

    Punishment: Verbal Warning, 1 Hour Tempban, Complete Command Access Removal

    Infinity Traps
    Trapping a player in a trap that a) cannot be broken, b) prevents the trapped player from playing, and/or c) prevents the player from dying or leaving the trap with an administrator’s assistance.

    Punishment: 6 Hour Tempban and Removal of Device

    Level 2 (Verbal Abuse)

    Misleading Staff
    Incorrectly informing a staff member or misleading them in a situation (purposely), to get them to reach an inaccurate conclusion or opinion about a situation.

    Punishment: 1 Day Tempban, Permanent Ban (Severe) Severe (Misleading staff in a circumstance that would lead another player to being heavily punished)

    Arguing with Staff
    If a staff member has directly told you that a conversation is over and you continue to argue.

    Punishment: 1 hour Mute

    Intolerance and/or Verbal Harassment Towards Race/Religion/Gender
    Punishable in ALL chats EXCEPT faction chat (/f c f).
    Any form of verbal harassment or hate used either generally or specifically towards (not limited to) a race, sex, sexuality, or religious group.

    Punishment: 2 Hour-1 Day Mute

    Excessive Vulgarity and/or Toxicity
    Continuously demonstrating the inability to abide by chat rules to the point where you are constantly being punished

    Punishment: 1 Week Mute, Permanent Mute. Punishment is decided based on your level of vulgarity and/or toxicity.

    Level 3 (Minor Violations)

    Selling Accounts

    Attempting to sell or trade any type of account from any platform, game, etc.

    Punishment: 1 Hour Mute

    Selling Items (IRL Deals)
    You are only allowed to sell/trade items to other players on the server for things purchased on our store, and Steam trades.

    You are not allowed to trade for/with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

    If proof of a successful transaction is provided, both parties will be permanently banned.

    Punishment: 1 Hour Mute, Permanent Ban (Successful Transaction)

    Sending a message containing another server’s ip address.

    Please avoid posting fake ip addresses as some staff members may be unable to differentiate between an actual ip and a fake one, resulting in a false ban.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    Koth and Warzone Exploitation
    Having or using a home in the Warzone or Koth areas.

    Using disguises to capture a Koth. Using disguises around Koths entirely (not just when capping).

    Punishment: 3 Day Tempban, Removal of Home, 1 Hour Tempban, Removal of Command

    Bug or Glitch Exploitation or Abuse
    If you are caught using a bug or glitch, you will be punished based on the severity of the bug. In some cases, the outcome could be a permanent ban.

    If you have a bug, please report it to a staff member to be forwarded and fixed. These may include but are not limited to glitches such as Block Glitching or Door/Trap Spamming to kill or harm a player. We do not consider getting yourself stuck in a 1x1 hole glitching, this is to make it possible to raid bases.

    Exploitation includes using duped items or not reporting dupes to staff members.

    Punishment: Warning, 1 Hour Tempban, Permanent ban (Severe) Punishment depends on severity of bug.
    Abusing combat-related glitches: 1 Day Tempban

    Cannoning or griefing the Warzone or Spawn.

    Punishment: 1 Day Tempban

    Exceeding Claim Buffer Limit

    The maximum buffer is 20 chunks. If you exceed this limit (including using an alternative, truced, or allied faction to expand your claims), your faction leader or moderator(s) will be notified and you will have 24 hours to remove any claims that exceed the limit

    The buffer is measured from the EXTERIOR WALL OF YOUR BASE and does NOT include the base itself. You can not fill the base with genned walls or filters. Sections of the base can be watered, but not with more than one wall between each section. If you are unsure. ASK!

    Punishment: Verbal Warning, Forced Unclaim of Exceeding Claims

    Base Defenses
    You may not place more than 5 of the following on the same X/Y level:webs, signs, or other blocks that bypass the previous.

    Banners may not be used as defenses at all.

    The abuse of blocks that are considered “indestructible” is not allowed.

    Punishment: Removal of blocks, 1 Day Tempban, 1 Week Tempban

    Faction Claim Gap
    A 10 chunk gap must exist between two faction claims.

    You are not allowed to claim a base inside of another base, and use their walls as protection.

    Punishment: Verbal Warning, Forced Unclaim of Both Faction Claims.

    Only applies to the start of the world when TNT is disabled and the grace period for base-building is in effect.

    B-claiming is when one faction claims a radius surrounding or bordering another faction’s claims that prevent that faction from continuing to build. If you have been B-claimed, please provide a staff member with proof.

    Punishment: B-Claiming at the start of the map will result in a /unclaimall, Repeated attempts will result in a disband.

    We do not permit the scamming of real money such as buycraft purchases.

    If a user charge-backs a purchase they made for you, you will be unbanned while the user who made the purchase for you will be permanently banned.
    If by chance you lose the purchased contents you received by the user who charged back you will not be refunded or replaced with what you lost.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban (with proof)

    Causing Mass Lag
    Anything that can cause large amounts of lag.

    Examples include lag machines, automatic farms, or throwing large amounts of items on the ground.

    Note: Throwing items onto a player who is opening crystals is not allowed and will result in a 6 hour tempban with no warnings.

    Punishment: 2 Hour Tempban: Throwing Masses of Items, Automatic Farms: 2 Week Tempban, Lag Machine: Perm,
    Removal of Device, 6 Hour Tempban

    Death Threats, Death Wishes, and Suicide Encouragement
    Punishable in ALL chats EXCEPT faction chat (/f c f).

    Any wishes of harm such as disease.

    Encouraging an individual to kill themselves.

    Threatening to kill an individual or their family members.

    Punishment: 1 Day Mute (Indirect), 3 Day Mute (Direct), 1 Week Mute (Severe)

    Command Misuse or Abuse

    Please only use this command if you have a question or are reporting a hacker.
    If you have been muted but want to talk to a staff member, ask them to message you instead of using helpop as a chat.

    Punishment; 5 Minute Tempban, 1 Hour Tempban, 1 Day Tempban

    Users are expected not to change their name to something discriminating, inappropriate, or offensive.
    We also expect users not to abuse their nickname to mislead staff. Using a discriminating, inappropriate, or offensive nickname in an attempt to mislead a staff member into issuing an incorrect punishment is punishable.

    Punishment: Verbal Warning, 1 Hour Tempban (Minor), 1 Day Tempban (Major), Complete Command Access Removal

    Spamming any faction command, including but not limited to faction tag, open and close, disband, and invite.

    Punishment:1 Hour Tempban , 1 Day Tempban (Severe),

    Level 4 (Major Violations)

    Unfair Advantages and Hacking
    Any form of client or external program that may provide you with an advantage over other players or provide additional help in or outside of combat.

    All ghost clients new or old will result in a permanent ban.

    Note: If you are being screenshared and your recycling bin has been emptied right before or up to 5 minutes prior to the initiation of the screenshare, we have probable cause to punish you for potentially having a client.

    Severe Hacks
    include but are not limited to:

    Kill Aura, Aimbot, Triggerbot

    Auto Clickers

    Modified Knockback


    No Slow Down

    Bunny Hopping



    AutoPot / AutoArmour






    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    Minor Hacks
    Include but are not limited to:

    Name Tags




    Punishment: 1 Month Tempban

    Screenshare Policy

    Clearing or deleting files in the recycling bin or downloads prior to a screenshare is probable cause for a ban. Please be aware of this prior to deleting anything.

    Abusing Mods or Having Illegal Mods
    A list of modifications that are allowed is listed below.
    Any modification that is not contained in that list should be discussed with a staff member prior to use.

    Punishment: 2 Week Tempban

    Schematica Printer
    Schematica printer is an allowed mod except in the following situations:


    Auto patching walls, while being raided

    Players caught using printer in combat or to auto patch walls will be punished accordingly.

    Punishment: 1 Week Tempban

    Allowed Modifications
    Below is a list of allowed modifications.

    If you are unsure about a modification you have installed, please contact a member of the staff team.

    Performance Modifications (ex. Optifine)

    Aesthetic Modifications
    (ex. Shaders)

    HUD Modifications
    (ex. Armor, Potion, Direction, CPS, Keystrokes)

    (Without player radar)

    Toggle Sneak
    (Includes sprint toggle)

    Better Sprint

    Damage Indicators

    World Download

    Schematica (Printer)

    Teaming with Rulebreakers
    Aiding a rule breaker or cheater by any means.

    Includes, but is not limited, to:

    Providing a cheater with gear

    Pvping with a cheater

    Allying or trucing with a cheater

    Failing to report a cheater to a staff member

    If you believe that a player is hacking, please report them to a staff member.
    This will not only help the community, but will also prevent you from receiving a punishment.

    Punishment: 1 Week Tempban

    Ban Evading
    Attempting to ban evade or evading whilst punished will lead to your current punishment being extended depending on the rule you broke.

    The use of VPNs to evade a ban is not allowed.

    Punishment: Extended Punishment or Permanent Ban

    Mute Evading
    Attempting to mute evade or evading a mute whilst punished will lead to your current punishment being increased to a permanent mute or even a ban.

    Punishment: Extended Punishment (Generally 1 Week)

    Cobble Monstering
    Creating a large cobble monster mess by mixing water and lava.

    Punishment: 1 Week Tempban

    Malicious Threats
    We take threats seriously, whether it be in-game, on the forums, or on our teamspeak server.
    Below is a list of threats that are deemed punishable.

    Refer below (Doxing, Denial of Service Attack, Hijacking or Hacking Accounts, Insinuating)

    If a user threatens to release your personal information or does release your personal information.
    Please provide a screenshot to a staff member.

    Includes the use of a player’s actual name in public chat.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    Denial of Service Attack
    If a user threatens to render your internet inaccessible, specifically or generally.
    Please provide a screenshot to a staff member.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    Hijacking or Hacking Accounts
    If a user seizes a player’s account information to abuse the account in-game.
    This rule is subject to staff interpretation.

    Punishment: Permanent IP Ban

    If a user is claiming that they have personal information on a player or that they are able to use a denial of service attack against a player.

    Punishment: 3 Week Tempban

    Auto Selling
    Using a macro, bot, or script to sell items automatically.
    Includes weighting space bar down.

    Punishment: 2 Week Tempban (Admit), 1 Month Tempban (Found in Screeshare)

    The instances that we will punish for insiding include:

    Mining Spawners.

    Unclaiming land.

    Teleporting non-faction members into the base.

    Acting as an accomplice or having another person inside for you. Includes being teleported into another base.

    Griefing - I.e. destroying grinders, bases etc.

    Factions are responsible for matters that include but are not limited to (we will not punish for these regardless of proof):

    Making sure spawners are not ceggable
    (we do not replace spawners that were cegged without have to remove blocks to cegg them).

    Claim Access (we do not punish people for insiding if you forgot to remove access.
    However, if a faction mod+ is found to deliberately assist in the inside by kicking, they will be punished).
    If you are in a faction and get kicked, you are not allowed to take advantage of your homes to get back into the base and inside.

    Stealing from chests (It is your responsibility to secure your items. We will not punish for stealing).

    We will not punish for items given to faction members by other faction members

    If you are unsure whether or not you are raiding legitimately, please contact a staff member.
    If you do not, you are at the staff team’s mercy regarding punishment.

    ** If you believe you have been insided, please contact a staff member.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban

    ** If you believe you have been insided and it does not fit these standards, contact an admin anyways and a decision will be made.

    Auto Cannoning
    Building and using an automatic tnt cannon for personal gain.

    Any auto-cannon that is larger than a 10 stacker, semi-automatic cannons are allowed if the sand comp and the cannon are on the same platform (Y level).

    No cannon is allowed to have a sand comp below the cannon. If you would like more clarification on this please ask a staff member.

    Auto Reverses or any other cannon that can nuke a wall set up on a clock is not allowed.

    Ask about exceptions for cannons that can not physically fire a shot without having a comp on a different Y-Level.

    If a cannon significantly lags the server, especially to the point of almost crashing,
    it will be removed and the faction will be refunded tnt and money for their time.

    Punishment: 1-2 Week Tempban. Any raid will be rolled back. Loot received will be taken away.
    Punishment applicable to everyone at the raid.

    AFK Checkboxes/Walls
    Afking within your checkbox, on or around your walls. You are allowed to afk within the center of your base.

    Punishment: 1d tempban for first offences, Punishment will increase for repeat offenses

    Raid Alerts
    Any form of TNT detectors or raid alerts that in any way notify one or more players of a raid.

    Punishment: Permanent ban for the person with raid alerts. Disqualification of faction earning ftop prize money.

    Freezing Game
    Freezing your game in any circumstances, to cause unfair advantage or trolling including Sumo.
    Repeated Offences may lead to increased punishment.
    Staff members reserve the right to alter punishments due to their discretion.

    Punishment: 1 Day Tempban

    Direct/Indirect Elo Boosting
    Purposely losing/winning in a sumo match with or without an alt repeatedly to gain or lose elo.

    Punishment: 3 Day Tempban and elo reset

    Plugin Misuse
    Abusing a plugin for personal benefit.

    Punishment: Permanent ban

    Three-Ban Policy
    After a player has purchased an unbanned three times,
    they are blacklisted and no longer able to appeal for or purchase an unban

    Punishment: Blacklist


    Tpa Killing
    This is a part of factions; think before you tpa to someone

    Same as tpa killing.

    Swearing is not allowed on this gamemode, and bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute.

    Using Public/Cracked Alts
    You as a player are responsible for your own ip.
    If you use a VPN or a public alt that is already ip banned and then you log onto your own account with the same ip,
    you will most likely be banned for having the same ip. Use public alts at your own risk.

    Voting for Others
    At the moment, this is allowed.
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    After many people asked for it, I've decided to post the faction rules on the forums.
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