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Announcement OPBlocks Easter Egg Hunt Event

Heya folks!

Happy Spring! We hope everyone is enjoying the Caramel update as much as we are! Although, our favorite OPBlocks bunny - Candy Cornelius - has been enjoying the update a bit too much. While he was hopping around exploring OPBlocks, this cuddly bunny lost a bunch of colorful eggs across Lollipop & Caramel! And to make matters worse, Candy Cornelius hurt his foot after losing to @Saito in PvP and is stuck at Caramel's spawn!

OPBlocks, We need your help finding the 100 eggs lost on each server! And quick because Candy Cornelius has to leave by Monday! For your help, our bunny has agreed to reward you based on the number of eggs you find.

Rewards For Your Help

100x Eggs - 1x Jumbo Key!
75x Eggs - 2x Epic Keys!
50x Eggs - 1x Epic Key!
25x Eggs - 1x Epic Key!

This means you could potentially get 4x Epic Keys and 1x Jumbo Key on each server for your help! And 10 total keys across both servers!

Easter Eggs

Our Easter Eggs come in a few different colors. They are the size of player heads. To collect the egg RIGHT CLICK them and a message will pop up. You will be notified and receive your prize for every 25 eggs you find. These eggs are hidden across the spawn worlds of both servers. Of these eggs, approximately 10 will be located in the PvP Area on both servers.

Helpful Tips
  • You will need to fly around the spawn area where you can to reach some eggs
  • Some eggs are in the Warzone so you will have to jump down to get them
  • A couple of eggs are in the Parkour area(s)
  • Look off the beaten path, remember, bunnies can jump all around!
Good Luck! Now, Hop to it!
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