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if you mess it up i'll be mad


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Attention all OPBlocks gamers! Chrissehh needs your help. All you need to save her is to immeadiately head over to store.opblocks.com and buy a CandyGod rank.


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the one desire ; )
my house is on fire
the fire was set by the kings squire
he had a business called "arsonist for hire"
he said he didnt burn down my house, what a liar
he lives in a shire
i tried to go to his house but i got a flat tire
then i got stabbed by michal myer(s)
he then strangled my dead body with a wire
he stole my attire
he became a drug dealer and found a buyer
that guy got so much higher
he built up a drug empire
then he (michael myer(s)) got old so he had to retire
i never thought these events would transpire!

i swear i spent like 10 minutes thinking of this and typing it, so ya'll better not delete it because it has like 2 lines that aren't G rated


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