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How to start an essay?

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Not everyone knows how to start writing an essay. A person can tell a story expressing his thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently, but it may be difficult for him to put it on paper, or write an essay or other text. How to start an essay?

The beginning is sometimes the hardest thing to give, and a long reflection on "where to start" can ruin the creative process. We'll help you and tell you how to start an essay.

So, with what words should you start your essay:

Before you begin, think about the topic you will be writing about find different sources for inspiration and work.

Try to write in the technique of freewriting, that is, freewriting. The special thing about this technique is to write down all the chaotic thoughts that come to mind, not follow any rules, not try to write correctly, and put all the commas. This way you can more easily find the thread of the story and decide on the choice of topic.

Try to pay more attention to the main part of the text. When the essence of the essay is revealed, it is easier to write the introduction.

One of the most common ways to write an essay is to ask questions. Then, reason, ponder, and find the answer.

There can be many examples of how to start an essay, try a vivid phrase, an idea to grab the attention immediately, and the reader's curiosity.

Never save time on proofreading. It’s a viable aspect of your work. But you got to remember one thing. Have you ever been in a situation when you were totally sure about the quality of your work, but another person managed to find multiple mistakes without even digging in? That’s why you don’t proofread your paper right after it’s finished. Better take a break. A few hours or even a day will be enough. You can also hire a writer to proofread it. It is fairly cheap and it might be very useful.

Personally, I’ve been ordering from Myassignmenthelp, but it’s been plenty of time since I did it, so I don’t know if Myassignmenthelp is good. Anyway, if they don’t seem trustworthy to you, you can read other reviews.

I have a few more tips to add to this.

Introduction Paragraph
A good intro paragraph has three parts, hook, context/bridge, and a thesis statement. Some people find it easier to start with the hook, others with a thesis statement. A hook is something that catches your reader's attention and connects to the bridge + thesis statement in some way.

Context/bridge is exactly what it sounds like, the context of the topic of your essay, and it connects your hook to your thesis. Some good context to add here is simple historical background, a mini-story, or definitions of what you're talking about.

Lastly is your thesis statement, which states your topic and the sub-topics you will talk about. In your thesis statement, you should mention your main topic and then each sub-topic in the order of how they are in your body paragraphs. A thesis statement is especially helpful for you to know what to write in your body paragraphs, and your reader will know what they are about to read.

Body Paragraphs
For each body paragraph, before you start writing, make a topic sentence for each one. This will help you set the basis for each paragraph and makes it so much easier to write each one since you've already started them.

Conclusion Paragraph
Conclusion paragraphs are typically a quick summary of your essay, pick the best points you made in your essay and add them here. The first sentence can be made easier by re-phrasing your thesis statement.

Finally proofreading, you do not necessarily have to pay a writer or proofreader to read your work. You can always ask a friend, teacher, trusted adult figure, etc. Something I always like to do is put my essay through software that will read it aloud back to me, for me, I do google translate. You can also download the chrome extension, Grammarly, this is an amazing extension that checks your errors throughout the essay and tells you how to fix them. There is a premium feature that costs money, but I've never bought it and it worked perfectly fine without it.
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