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  1. Sparrowwz

    Rhyme battles

    this is the only thing i can think of, Buttcrack DX
  2. Sparrowwz

    Rhyme battles

    both of those words were already used (:
  3. Sparrowwz

    Rhyme battles

    real words cmon just get a synonym or something Jab
  4. Sparrowwz

    Rhyme battles

    oops lol
  5. Sparrowwz

    noot noot birb

    noot noot birb
  6. Sparrowwz

    Rock Paper Scissors and more!

    Fire Burns the sharpie
  7. Sparrowwz

    Staff History and Status

    @Markie sometime in the near future, it might be a good idea to also include some of the older staff as well. It's interesting in my opinion.
  8. Sparrowwz

    Rhyme battles

  9. Sparrowwz

    Count to 2021 before the year 2021 begins.

    692 lets get to 700