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  1. nitrotron76

    Lefky (Ben)

  2. nitrotron76


    can't wait to come back and play opblocks again :)
  3. nitrotron76

    I'm coming home

    Guys, I am finally after a while will be online for many hours of a day once again... there's so many updates and changes that have happened and I'm hoping to be back full time for a while longer. I will be kind of a half new guy to opblocks :).
  4. nitrotron76


    I made 1 dollar on youtube lets goooooo I'm making the big bucks right now
  5. nitrotron76

    Important [OFFICIAL] Funniest Joke Contest

    because, he said, I'm never gonna give you up, so he's not going to give anyone up and also he said never gonna like leave you, never gonna desert you... so I said he couldn't stop staying with people... ya
  6. nitrotron76

    Important [OFFICIAL] Funniest Joke Contest

    You know about that guy who always wouldn't give anyone up till he couldn't just stop staying with people... well I know about him because...
  7. nitrotron76

    Important [OFFICIAL] Funniest Joke Contest

    I want to delete my things but I can't some reason :/
  8. nitrotron76

    Rituals on sb server

    Today we sacrificed sugar because he wanted to, we will sacrifice more people later :D We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you...
  9. nitrotron76

    big news!

    ya I do believe so, this can also be against the rules of disrespecting staff :O lol
  10. nitrotron76

    Click Bait

    dangit you got me, i was like oh nice, it's just waves
  11. nitrotron76

    A pencil rolling

    idk why i did this, but on my phone, i made a video, of me rolling a pencil.
  12. nitrotron76


    It was so many words for me to read, but this is a going to be fun :D
  13. nitrotron76

    Popeyes or Chick-fil-a Poll

    Put you votes on for if Popeyes or Chick-fil-a is better. I want to see what most people think is better in the opblocks community :> Vote today :D
  14. nitrotron76

    Event Infiltration Event

    hmmm, idk, Anna says it's not among us :P also hey :D
  15. nitrotron76

    Event Infiltration Event

    This sounds like murder mystery from hypixel and among us.... :|
  16. nitrotron76

    My channel is about to hit 100k views :D

    can i see your channel :|
  17. nitrotron76

    Opblocks records

    This would be hard to do because the staff would need to make a kill leaderboard for every event they did.
  18. nitrotron76

    My channel is about to hit 100k views :D

    nice job, it's harder to get higher stats for that the more views someone gets that are not subscribed
  19. nitrotron76

    Troy's Duel Event!

    what happens if i glitch out of the duel then jump into the void?