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  1. aritrary

    im still eating rocks

    im still eating rocks
  2. aritrary

    Important Spawner Guide

    Spawners Welcome! Here is a complete guide of how to obtain spawners in the listed servers below! The general command to access this is /spawners! You can progress in many ways with a few spawners on hand; For example, On skyblock, you can make money selling the drops or having players sell the...
  3. aritrary

    Important Custom Enchants Guide

    Custom Enchants Welcome! Here is a complete guide of custom enchants that OPBlocks has to offer! There are custom enchant book rarities on each server with different prices! Happy enchanting! Success — is the chance that your enchant will be successfully applied to your item. Fail — is the...
  4. aritrary

    Important Currencies Guide

    Currencies Welcome! Here is a list of currencies that are obtainable on OPBlocks, each server contains a custom type of currency! Common Currencies: Dollars — Money is obtainable via gambling, chest shops, and selling items such as mob drops, ores, or crops! Can spend this currency at /shop...
  5. aritrary

    Important OPBlocks Voting Sites

    How to vote? Here are the following links below in order to vote for OPBlocks! Be sure you are online when voting to receive your rewards! You can earn up to $15 in Giftcards, as well as 2 crate keys! Reminder: You are rewarded with a $5 Buycraft Giftcard at 40 votes, and $10 Buycraft Giftcard...
  6. aritrary

    Important Survival Claims Guide

    Claims Guide Welcome! Here are a few things you should know before going about on your wildest adventures! Claims are protected chunks created by you, to prevent you and your teammates from being griefed by players you don't trust! Claims are purchasable, as well as increase in price with more...
  7. aritrary

    Are servants and island expansions deleted after reset even if I bought them?

    yes this is true, the only perks that do not reset are kits, cosmetics, ranks, and tags.
  8. aritrary

    No one helps

    is there anything you need help with as of right now? apologies that you feel that way! if there anything you need i can answer for you!
  9. aritrary

    Terrible Server

    drag clicking isnt allowed! read our rules for more information. OPB Rules
  10. aritrary

    im eating rocks

    im eating rocks
  11. aritrary

    voting help

    hey! you need to do /vote and click on the chest in the menu! it should be there :) have a good rest of your day!!
  12. aritrary

    Best way to get Mending?

    if you still have an issue with this, I have a bookshop! heh :cool:
  13. aritrary


    no problem :)
  14. aritrary


    you do /servants and can place them down on your island to either start mining or killing mobs. can upgrade them with mobcoins and collect money/mobcoins from them.
  15. aritrary

    im eating rocks

    im eating rocks
  16. aritrary

    I need help.

    were you able to figure this out?
  17. aritrary

    Need help using OP store

    you could also sign in to the OPBlocks store in order to purchase from the website as well.
  18. aritrary

    hey weebmaster228

    hey weebmaster228