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    random question by pig #4 (100k MW ET Prize)

    Psych the show and the movies
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    random question by pig #3 (now with prizes)

    Since you said "in school" I'll tell you about something my friend told me once. The simulation theory We are living in a simulation and you can't prove otherwise.
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    random question by pig #2

    Probably pop, twenty one pilots, scaled and icy, bounce man
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    I need to know.

    Of course I put pineapple on pizza, Hawaiian pizza is the best
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    QOTW (Week #50)

    I remember playing angry birds on my dads phone when I was very young, idk maybe 5. Besides mobile I started playing minecraft on an old xbox 360
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    Important [OFFICIAL] Admin AMA

    If you could pick one opb candy to bring to the real world, which would you pick?
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    QOTW(Week #49)

    The aimbot skeletons sniping people across the map
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    QOTW (Week #48)

    Driving a golf cart around a community and learning a lot about driving from instructions and mistakes lol
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    QOTW(Week #47)

    Finally getting an irl deal for as after 2 weeks of asking lol
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    QOTW (Week#43)

    I've been playing minecraft for as long as I can remember so I don't remember lol
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    QOTW (Week #42)

    Probably home alone
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    Important [OFFICIAL] Funniest Joke Contest

    Did you hear about the cement truck that collided with the prison transport?
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    QOTW (Week #38)

    Clash of clans
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    [OFFICIAL] Counting to 1,000!

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    QOTW (Week #37)

    As it's pretty early in my life I don't have any achievements of importance but probably solving a rubix cube
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    [OFFICIAL] Counting to 1,000!

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    [OFFICIAL] Counting to 1,000!

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    [OFFICIAL] Counting to 1,000!