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  1. PUCK

    QOTW (Week #9)

    What social media app do you use the most? (e.g., Discord, SnapChat, Instagram)
  2. PUCK

    OPBlocks Hunger Games

    i actually stole this idea from @Mochi who did this like 4 years ago, it was fun at the time so lets bring it back :D i can only fit 24 people, as there are only 12 districts, so comment if u wanna be in next one This was all randomly generated. (including pronouns, sorry if i call u a boy or...
  3. PUCK

    lol whoops

    so i saw some of u complaining about ilyphvse so i found video and report him so we will see how long he staff #nicemen http://prntscr.com/m9f7vn emogf69 dxnt
  4. PUCK


    @Amazing @JustACookie @Chrissehh @SuperPiggeh @CowOfSteel
  5. PUCK

    best in the game

    @xvc no one is better than me okay
  6. PUCK

    try and fight me? thats cute

    you gotta try harder than that kid learn who you are dealing with before you start talking trash babe
  7. PUCK

    oh my god i suck at this game

    @xvc teach me how to pvp i obviously suck at this game @CryWorthy help @Sub father teach me your ways #logang4life
  8. PUCK


    alright so I get muted for 3 hours for calling someone a dumbass but "CasualSarcasm" will say in chat "I'll walk you to your grave" when JustACookie is online and she dont even get warned like okay there love birds! this community is ****ed im out of here @CryWorthy @xvc @OldieLocks
  9. PUCK

    wtap v3 (totally not stealing marcels series)

    pretty much im showing the effect of w tapping and what it looks like on both perspectives My view (second fight in the video) His view i dont cheat please dont ban me ily k bye @xvc (; :) :)
  10. PUCK

    Who do you think is the best pvper on opblocks?

    This is based on legit players. so that rules out podsea (#L) But comment your opinion? Who do you guys think is the best pvper on opblocks? I'll be trying to duel them to test if im actually good (im not :o) so uh yeah no flame wars pls
  11. PUCK

    Report on Puxk

    move to offtopic pls its irrelavent Your Username: Puxk Accused Players Username: Puxk Reason for Reporting: Racism / Bypassing Filter / DDos Threats Evidence: http://prntscr.com/fkwh82
  12. PUCK

    bandwagon club (quitting thread)

    well i see everyone is making one of these so i might as well do one myself Lol! easy ratings oh wait wrong server - ANYWAYS, you ain't gonna be hearing from little puckie anymore, if you know me then you will know why. if you dont know me then just think of it as im taking a trip to a...
  13. PUCK

    we have a problem

    okay so it has come to my attention that about 70% of the old rules have been completely disbanded. Nickname abuse is allowed, scamming is allowed, etc. I asked why and someone said that @Amazing said he was tired of it and couldn't be bothered. lol if thats true, child, you should not have...
  14. PUCK


    http://www.opblocks.com/threads/report-on-puxk.6727/ I LOVE HOW THIS WAS MY REPORT ON MYSELF XDDDDD
  15. PUCK

    lets be unoriginal

    http://prntscr.com/egrotm im quitting management is literally worse then roblox i would do tags but im just doing this for the views
  16. PUCK