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  1. MyrticsYT

    Someone help me with a guide

    okay so basically i am muted on the server and i want to know what the best enchants to go for on your pickaxe is?
  2. MyrticsYT


    Honestly, I am sorry to everyone I have been toxic too. Yes, I did become immature after my staff application got denied but that wasn't the reason I was immature. I was always immature and I have since changed, I have kept up with @BigCDG and he can vouch for me. He has seen the new me that...
  3. MyrticsYT

    Myrtic's Staff Application

    Staff applications should just be auto denied tbh. Totally not talking about @MyrticsYT application
  4. MyrticsYT


    Hi my name is Myrtics I am a nub i play minecraft and I love it
  5. MyrticsYT


    Help me get helper I'm a savage have fun