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[Prison] Added /overflow, a virtual chest to hold items if your inventory was full
[Prison] Added /autoselltimer to show time remaining from vote perk
[Prison] Fixed Freeze enchant teleporting the player after death
[Prison] Fixed Lava & Colorful particle effects in /particle
[Prison] Fixed Player Kill #4 (Hard) Challenge, giving the correct reward
[Prison] Fixed Enforcer's extra health at lv 50
[Prison] Fixed bosses spewed blocks from setting in the arena
[Prison] Reduced the durability damage to armor/tools from certain boss skills
[Prison] Fixed bosses breaking the arena when using certain skills
[Prison] Fixed /autorank disable message displaying incorrectly
[Prison] Updated /gamble value on Milkyway to match current economy
[Prison] Fixed issue on Milkyway with Super Mob drop section in /shop
[Prison] Fixed bug on Milkyway where player sell shops were not working
[Prison] Fixed bug where sell critters were giving incorrect multiplier
[Prison] Fixed decoration in /shop on Milkyway