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  1. Saito

    Announcement CHRISTMAS SALE 60% OFF

    Greetings all and Merry Christmas! 'Tis the season to be enjoying some holiday fun on the OPBlocks network and spending time with your families! In celebration and in thankfulness to all of our players we will be running a 60% OFF Christmas Sale from now until after Christmas. We want to remind...
  2. Saito


    In a catastrophic accident the OPBlocks Milkyway starship has crash landed on a subterranean mushroom planet! Do you have what it takes to explore, capture, and become the ruler of this new environment? Hello our incredible, impeccable, intelligent OPBlockers! We are very excited to announce...
  3. Saito


    We are thrilled to launch our Milkyway Prison update tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th at 3 PM EST! This reset will showcase dozens of new updates, award gang top prizes, and adapt a unique space-candy hybrid theme. We hope that you are just as excited as we are! Our team has put hundreds of hours...
  4. Saito

    Saito AMA Follow Up

    Hi all, Finally posting the answers to some questions from the AMA that Fugitive collected a couple weeks ago! Let's get right into it :) Q: What led you to start your journey on Op blocks? When did you start playing Minecraft? I actually joined OPBlocks season 1 when the previous owner...
  5. Saito

    Announcement Return of Caramel

    Hi everyone, I've got some exciting news today! The Caramel Prison realm will be returning, and the current Prison realm will be labeled Lollipop, to fit with the original realm names! The new spawn for Caramel is ready to go and we've got an awesome advertising partnership to bring many, many...
  6. Saito

    Announcement Feature Suggestion Contest

    Hi everyone :) Today I'm announcing a contest for Feature Suggestions! All you have to do is follow the formatted example below and pitch us your idea to become a feature on the server. There can be an unlimited amount of winners! Each idea that is chosen as a winner will receive a $15 Gift...
  7. Saito

    Announcement March Code and Optimizations

    Hi all! I just want to make a quick announcement and explain what's happening with the server on the back end side of development. I'm sure you've all seen our new developers in game this month since Hihihih565 had to leave us in February. Essentially, we currently have three developers, and...
  8. Saito

    Important Skyblock Beta Information

    Hi everyone I've got an update for you on Skyblock today! We've been making a ton of progress behind the scenes in creating our Skyblock server and the beta should be ready to launch this Saturday at 12 PM EST. We plan to run the beta for 1-2 weeks, to be determined, while we find all of the...
  9. Saito

    Content Update Parties, Enchant Removal, Custom Titles Colors

    Hi all, more updates! I know it's only been a week since our last content update, but we've got some more features for you! I put a lot of thought into how to bring the community closer together, help new players make friends, and encourage users to play together instead of just solo mining...
  10. Saito

    Content Update October Update || Spawners, Boss Crafting, Fishing

    Greetings all! We're back today with another content update to kick off October strong! We've been hard at work behind the scenes working on some 'end game' content that will give you more grinding options. We hope you enjoy this content and we would really love your feedback and suggestions...
  11. Saito

    Announcement Content Update + Labor Day Sale

    Hi everyone, welcome to our first content update of OPBlocks X! We've been working behind the scenes to bring you some fun new activities in game... some requested directly by players and some from our own imaginations! We'll be launching this content update tonight to bring you Sumo, Fishing...
  12. Saito

    Important Frequently Asked Questions

    OPBlocks Frequently Asked Questions The purpose of this thread is to give a quick summary of gameplay features that may come up during your time of OPBlocks. Please use this to see some of the most asked questions! If there is something more that needs explaining, there are also staff around...
  13. Saito

    Announcement PVP Tournament with Buycraft Rewards

    Update: https://challonge.com/fxu0ya5o Here is the bracket link! You may begin playing your matches and post screenshot results here in the thread. Once confirmed we will update the bracket and you may play your next opponent. Due to an uneven number of participants you will notice some players...
  14. Saito

    Announcement OPBlocks X Reset Info

    Welcome all, this is the moment you've been waiting for! Here you will find all of the important information for OPBlocks X reset coming this Saturday at 12 PM EST. Click here for a countdown timer to the launch! The server will be whitelisted on Wednesday in the afternoon, and will launch on...
  15. Saito

    OPBlocks X - Preview Trailer

    Hi all! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the community for being so awesome and welcoming these past few weeks. We've made an incredible amount of progress in just 21 days since purchasing the server from previous ownership. Combined myself and @hihihih565 have spent over 200 hours...
  16. Saito

    Important OPBlocks v10 Content Suggestions

    Hi all! We've made such tremendous progress these past two weeks that I'd like to start planning ahead for content updates :D Pretty much every known bug on the server has been documented and is on our development list to be fixed before the next version is released, and after that is all...
  17. Saito

    Important Updates, Information, New Ownership

    Hi all! My name is Saito and I’d like to introduce myself in this announcement and let everyone know what’s going on with OPBlocks. Essentially I will be taking over management / ownership of OPBlocks after purchasing the server from Alex (trkey). Alex and I have been good friends for several...