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  1. Mochi


    Hey all, Sadly, the day has come where I have to step down. I want to thank you all for the good or bad memories while I was staff. I enjoyed it, but all things come to an end. The main reason is school. If you have ever talked to me before about it, I go to college as a high school student. And...
  2. Mochi

    Announcement Gang Fights and More!

    Hey everyone! Here is a little update that I hope you all will enjoy! Gang Fights Gang fights have now been added! You can have a gang fight between 2-5 players from each gang. The minimum fee per fight is $500k and it is withdrawn from your gang balance. With these gang fights, you must bring...
  3. Mochi

    Announcement Change Log #2

    Hey there, just doing a little update on the things that have been fixed/added. /bp, /pets, /trade can no longer be used in pvp. Fire spread, lava flow, and pistons have been disabled in freeworld to prevent griefing. Nether boss can now be hit anywhere, including inside the boss platform...
  4. Mochi

    Resignation o.o

    Hello there, As you notice by the title, title, I am indeed resigning. It's been a long time since I began as staff and I don't regret this decision at all. I actually been wishing to resign for a very long time, but never had the courage to do so because how small the team was and I was...
  5. Mochi

    My Freeworld Base

    Since @nationalities keeps bugging me on wanting to see my base, here is some pictures on it. ;3
  6. Mochi


    @RestInPepsi @JustACookie @Chimerical @Cyclone @Chrissehh @Sub
  7. Mochi

    Building Competition Submission

    Please submit your entries from the building competition here. The building competition information can be found here. Any submissions that do not use the template will be discarded. Please do not post anything besides submissions here. Other posts will be deleted.
  8. Mochi

    OPBlocks Building Competition

    Hello there~ For the New Years, I will be hosting a build competition! What are build competitions? The build competition is a fun way for builders to show off their skills and win cool prizes. I will be deciding on a theme for people to build off of located later below in the thread. The plots...
  9. Mochi

    Minecart Tower?!?1?

    Yup, this is what we do on our spare time. Here are the nublets who were here: @FSBreadstick @RawrWithRose @Defiable @KryoticKuhaku and two others who don't have forums accounts (I think or I'm bad at finding accounts). There was 7 us there. xd This was at my second plot at my unfinished rail...
  10. Mochi

    OPBlocks Hunger Games

    Hello there~ If you remember from the old forums, I used to create hunger games with staff members and friends using an automatic generator. I have decided to bring this back. I plan on posting new games every week or two or when I feel like it. Because I was unsure on who to add in the...
  11. Mochi


    Hello there~ My name is Mochi and I am known for being a former Helper on OpBlocks before the merge. I am excited to see what the new and updated OpBlocks will bring and the many experience it will bring. I am a builder, not a PvP person. I may be doing build request like in the previous...